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Portfolio Management Fundamentals Training Course

Portfolio Management Fundamentals training course covers the techniques and methodologies to help you manage the portfolio and project sources to improve the portfolio management performance in your corporation.

Why Portfolio Management Is Important?

Portfolio management is a crucial and significant management challenge, at the senior level. As you might already know, such topic is highly rated by the senior executives in the corporations as well as the senior technology people. Moreover, higher performing businesses also incline to rate the significance of portfolio management much more than lower performers.

Some of exclusive reasons for the importance of portfolio management include:

  1. Financial – to increase return, R&D productivity, and accomplish financial goals
  2. To secure the competitive characteristics of the business – in order to enhance sales and market share
  3. To correctly and effectively distribute rare resources
  4. To falsify the connection between project variety and business policies: the portfolio is the illustration of strategy; it must provide the guidelines
  5. To accomplish focus – not performing too many projects for the narrow resources accessible; and to reserve the “great” projects
  6. To obtain balance – the proper balance between long and short-term projects, and elevated risk and low risk ones, align with the business’s objectives
  7. To increase the effectiveness of communicate priorities inside the corporation, both in the vertical and horizontal aspects
  8. To support better fairness in project selection – to remove bad projects.

Portfolio Management Major Goals

  • Value growth
  • Balance
  • Strategic trend
  • Right qualities of projects

Also Learn About:

  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Expected Commercial Value (ECV)
  • Productivity Index (PI)
  • Risk-Reward Bubble Diagrams
  • The Gates Dominate
  • Active portfolio management
  • Investment analysis

Portfolio Tools

  • Strategic alignment
  • Product benefit
  • Market appeal
  • Ability to empower fundamental capabilities
  • Technical viability
  • Reward vs. risk


Portfolio Management Fundamentals training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • Program managers
  • Product managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Senior executives accountable for corporation policies
  • Managers accountable for generating organizational policies or for offering strategic recommendations
  • Members of portfolio, program, or project offices
  • Operational managers
  • Project team personnel, clients, and other stakeholders of the portfolio management process

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview of Portfolio Management
  • Elements of Portfolio Management
  • Getting Started on the Project Portfolio Management
  • Managing the Project Portfolio
  • Active Portfolio Management Fundamentals
  • Expected Revenues and Assessment
  • Active Portfolio Management Performance
  • Investment Management Process
  • Computable Methodologies of Investment Assessment
  • The Philosophy Behind Investment Portfolio
  • Stocks Investment
  • Bonds Investment Management
  • Portfolio Management and Evaluation
  • Psychological Features of Investment Management
  • TONEX Hands-On Sample Workshop for Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Fundamentals Training Course

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