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Problem Solving Training Certificate

Problem solving training certificate helps you to understand the principals and logic behind problem solving, develop the critical thinking techniques, and apply your problem solving and critical thinking skills in your workplace.

Problem Solving training certificate, Critical Thinking, Creative thibking

In the problem solving hands-on training, you will discover and develop a systematic process to tackle and unravel problems in order to achieve the desired outcomes. These straightforward and logical approaches allow you to break down even the most complex problems to understand all the factors involved in order to shape your thought process towards solving them.

After you complete this training, you can recognize poor decisions from strong and effective ones and are able to correct what is wrong with your and others’ decisions.

The Role of Critical Thinking in Problem Solving

Critical thinking is the basis of successful problem solving. It helps us remove usual barriers, examine our assumptions and ideas, and repair the distortions in our thinking manners.

Once you understand and digest the logic and principals behind critical thinking and learn how to utilize the tools and techniques to find the best option among various options, you will become an innovative, analytical, and effective problem solver.

How To Solve Problems? A Step-by-Step Problem Solving Manual

  • Discover the “real” problem
  • Don’t waste your time and effort on the wrong problem
  • Spend sufficient time on identifying the right problem, before starting to work on anything
  • What do you wish to get as a result?
  • Paint the big picture first
  • Know exactly where you want to get to
  • Know exactly what your desired outcome would be
  • How to generate all the potential solutions of the problem?
  • Search all the available sources of solutions and ideas
  • How notions are developed?
  • Analyze all the alternatives to find the best choice
  • Learn all the evaluation and analysis models and approaches
  • Brainstorm to generate ideas
  • Use fishbone diagrams to explore all the causes and solutions to a problem
  • Make your mind
  • Choose the best option after you exhausted all the options
  • Commit yourself to your choice
  • Be confident to implement your solution
  • Evaluate the impact of the selected solution on the original problem
  • Check back on your solution to learn whether (or not) it has worked
  • Give and get feedback from others
  • Learn from your mistake
  • Develop your action plan
  • Plan your actions based on your needs, skills, resources, options, timeline, expectations, and budget
  • Learn how to wisely and effectively apply your skills in your own setting

How To Become An Outstanding and Creative Problem Solver?

  • Be the Da Vinci of your life
    • Don’t fear to think out of the box
    • Always use your imagination
    • Get rid of the “it’s not gonna work” attitude
  • Always have an agenda for your creativity
    • Don’t make stakeholders mad
    • Creativity without a clear purpose is a waste of time, resources, and money
  • Look from the other point of view
    • Crack the code
    • Dissect complex problems
    • Carefully study all the inputs and factors involved in a problem
    • Apply different analytical methods to investigate the problem
    • Use root cause analysis techniques to investigate the causes of the problem
  • Regenerate your creativity in workplace
    • True innovation is to choose, combine, polish, and turn the best ideas into action, in the form of profit or revenue
    • Apply brainstorming, fishbone diagrams, mind mapping, analogies, and other methods to generate practical ideas feasible to implement at workplace
  • Don’t fear to implement your solution
    • Don’t be one of those people who have a lot of good ideas but too scared to implement them
    • Put your foot down when is necessary and take your ideas into action

Why Do You Need Problem Solving Training?

By taking the TONEX problem solving training certificate, you will:

  • Increase your self-assurance in effective problem solving
  • Learn how to evaluate all the alternative solutions
  • Learn to analyze risks associate to each solution
  • Learn to apply variety of assessment, creation, and positive investigation to consider individual and organizational problems and develop appropriate critical thinking techniques
  • Study different effective models and techniques applicable to the work environment
  • Learn how to smartly attack problems through a logical process
  • Learn to test problems carefully and find the most important problem, and then focus your effort on that problem only
  • Learn variety of approaches to develop and generate feasible options before choosing the most effective one
  • Learn how to attack a problem so effectively that re-attacking won’t be necessary. This would save you time and the labor cost.
  • Learn how to learn from your mistakes

Other Benefits of Problem Solving Training

Trainees will also learn about:

  • Natural burdens to strong logic
  • Poisonous prejudice and assumptions in problem analysis
  • Various thinking styles
  • Analytical methods to evaluate potential solutions
  • Principals of critical and creative thinking and their impact on problem solving
  • Problem assessment best practices


  • The problem solving training certificate offered by TONEX encompass all the knowledge and skills you need to develop your problem solving style
  • TONEX offers many in-class activities including hands on exercises, case studies, and workshops in their training session
  • TONEX instructors are selected from those who have the experience of teaching in academia and serving in industry. Therefore, they are familiar with the business world and its challenges, while they know the techniques and methods of effective training
  • You will receive great deal of knowledge in only two days
  • TONEX has an outstanding record of clients from both government and private sectors


The problem solving training certificate is a 2-day hands-on course designed for: leaders, executives, senior managers, managers, supervisors, directors, project managers, IT project managers, project coordinators, project analysts, project leaders, senior project managers, product managers, program managers, associate project managers, stakeholders, team members, and all the individual involved in problem solving at any level.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics are covered in this seminar (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview of Problem Solving
  • Problem Solving Process
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
  • The Power of Various Styles of Personal Thinking
  • Free Your Creativity
  • Analysis and Prioritization Techniques
  • Putting Creativity and Analysis in Practice
  • Calling Up Your Problem Solving Team
  • Putting Them All Together
  • TONEX Hands-On Workshop Exercises

Problem Solving Training Certificate

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