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Risk based testing (RBT) is an approach to software testing that seeks to maximize the effectiveness of a limited amount of testing resources. 

Risk based testing also relies on risk assessments to determine the best allocation of testing resources. Risk based testing is important because when organizations have a finite number of testing resources, there’s a need to determine which parts of your application pose the biggest risk to your business as well as customers, staff and brand identity.

In general, risk based testing focuses on the likelihood of a bug occurring in application code. It also tries to answer the question of how big an impact the bug will have on a business.

Of course, there are several different factors that impact the risk level of applications. These risk factors include:

  • Complex code
  • Code critical to the function of the app
  • Code innovations

The risk level is also affected by the type of feature or product being developed.

One of the key steps in risk based testing is risk analysis. Once risks have been identified, categorized, and sorted, risk analysis can begin.

In this step, the identified risks should be discussed. The risks need to be analyzed in terms of likelihood and probable consequences. Based on this analysis, you will calculate the exposure you face. After this step, you should know which risks pose the greatest threat to your organization.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Risk Based Testing Training, a 2-day workshop that introduces the key concepts and principals behind risk management and how it should be applied to testing.

Risk Based Testing training course provides an overview of risk analysis fundamentals, its application to testing, focusing on software testing with the key objectives of reducing the cost of the project test phase, reducing time in the system lifecycle and reducing future potential production costs by optimizing the test process in verification and validation phases.

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