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RMF Training, Risk Management Framework Implementation

RMF Training, Risk Management Framework Implementation training course by TONEX is a hands on training which helps you to understand the step by step implementation of Risk Management Framework (RMF) into your organization or information system.

Our company, TONEX, is a leader in teaching/consulting industry with experienced instructors from academia and industry will teach you the fundamentals of RMF in a simplified manner and train you to apply RMF for your organization.

With the recent transformation from traditional Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process into a classified six-step Risk Management Framework (RMF) and mandating the use of RMF across the federal information systems, it is necessary for all the cybersecurity professionals to understand the application of RMF.

Main steps of RMF are shown in the figure. Our instructors at TONEX are professionals from academia and security industry who will help you to understand the step by step RMF implementation procedure and challenges related to RMF application.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation training is suitable for all military departments, defense agencies, DoD field activity engineers, IT professional, cybersecurity engineers and all other organizational entities within the department of defense. Moreover, All IT professionals who receive, process, store, display or transmit federal information as DoD IS, Platform IT (PIT), IT services, and IT product engineers will benefit the comprehensive training.

This course covers variety of topics in RMF Implementation area such as: Introduction to Risk Management Framework (RMF), regulations and laws to implement RMF, System Development Life Cycle (SDCL), important steps to implement RMF, categorizing the information system (RMF Phase 1), selecting security controls (RMF phase 2), implementing security control (RMF phase 3), assessing security control (RMF phase 4), authorizing the information system (RMF phase 5), monitoring security control (RMF phase 6), RMF artifacts and RMF expansion for DoD and Intelligence Community (IC).

Learn about National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) special publications which guide you to implement RMF for your organizations. Learn about NIST SP 800-18 for security planning, NIST SP 800-30 for risk assessment, NIST SP 800-37 for system risk management framework, NIST SP 800-53/53A for security control assessment and DoDI 8510 for RMF for the Department of Defense (DoD).

The Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation course by TONEX is interactive course with a lot of class discussions and exercises aiming to provide you a useful resource for RMF implementation to your information technology system.


Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • IT professionals in the area of cybersecurity
  • DoD employees and contractors or service providers
  • Government personnel working in cybersecurity area
  • Authorizing official representatives, chief information officers, senior information assurance officers, information system owners or certifying authorities
  • Employees of federal agencies and the intelligence community
  • Assessors, assessment team members, auditors, inspectors or program managers of information technology area
  • Any individual looking for information assurance implementation for a company based on recent policies
  • Information system owners, information owners, business owners, and information system security managers

What Will You Learn?

Upon completion of Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation, the attendees will learn about:

  • Implementation of RMF into organizations/federal agnecies
  • Resolving challenges and difficulties of RMF application
  • Different organizations related to RMF and key RMF process tasks
  • RMF standards such as: NIST, CNSS, DoD, and FISMA
  • The joint task force transformation initiative
  • System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Different steps to RMF
  • Categorizing the information system and understand the federal laws
  • Common control providers for RMF process implementation
  • Proper security control for information system
  • The desired security control into the information system and federal organizations
  • Assessing the employed security control through content automation protocol (CAP) and NIST checklist
  • Applying a security assessment plan for the employed RMF approach
  • Developing a Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) to their organizations and recognize the weaknesses
  • Monitoring the information system security and provide solution to risks
  • Understanding the CNSSI baseline categorizations and NIST assessment methods for RMF applications

RMF Training, Risk Management Framework Implementation

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