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Both military and commercial satellite communications have become increasingly important.

Satellites are relay stations in space for the transmission of voice, video and data communications. Satellites are ideally suited to meet the global communications requirements of military, government and commercial organizations because they provide economical, scalable and highly reliable transmission services that easily reach multiple sites over vast geographic areas.

Transmissions via satellite communications systems can bypass the existing ground-based infrastructure, which is often limited and unreliable in many parts of the world.

Typically, military satellite communication programs are fully-funded by Governments, however, they are increasingly augmented with Commercial Satcom services.

The Satcom market landscape is changing so quickly that it is extremely important for militaries to maintain flexibility. Experts in this field believe that remaining agnostic enables communication services to constantly adapt and stay ahead of the game.

Maintaining a presence in outer space has only grown more strategically important. Today, there are over 4,800 artificial satellites orbiting the Earth, and hundreds of them have been launched expressly for military purposes.

While dozens of countries have deployed military satellites, the United States has a reported 231, by far the most with more than one in every four military satellites in orbit being launched in 2019 or later.

While commercial satellite communications focuses on providing a conduit for businesses to improve financially,  military satellites have a wide range of uses. These include:

  • Communications
  • Reconnaissance
  • Weather tracking
  • Navigation

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