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A scope baseline helps organizations (especially project managers) to establish the goals, constraints and key deliverables of a project.

A scope baseline is important to make sure everyone to have the same objective in mind to ensure a successful outcome.

Scope management and baseline development actually serves a multitude of functions over the course of a project. For one thing, a scope baseline defines success and then measures it. At the end of the project, the project manager can compare the deliverables their team created to the scope baseline to measure their overall success.

A scope baseline also makes it easier to review changes and expectations. It’s not unusual at some point during a long project for clients to request changes or additional work throughout the project development process. Having a scope baseline allows project managers to review their initial agreement and determine whether they need more time or resources to complete any new requests their client makes.

An often overlooked benefit of a scope baseline is how it can provide legal protection.

Clients and project managers can also reference the scope baseline at the end of the project to assess whether they both fulfilled their agreement. This can be beneficial if either party decides to take legal action.

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