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SDN Training Courses

SDN Training Bootcamp by TONEX, for details of the SDN training click here.

  • SDN Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Openstack
  • OpenDayLight (ODL) Fundamentals
  • Advanced OpenDayLight (ODL)

SDN training covers principals of software Defined Networking and the impact if SDN on management and provisioning of communications networks, they way there are configured, managed, maintained and secured.

  • Introduction to Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • SDN History and Evolution
  • Discussions on control and data plane
  • Why separating control and data plane
  • Control plane vs. data plane
  • SDN logical layers
  • Networks virtualization
  • Programming SDN
  • Use cases
  • Open switches
  • OpenFlow as an SDN standards


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