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Space cybersecurity is at a critical juncture. 

Both space data and space-enabled communications are central to our everyday lives, making space systems a primary target for cybercriminals – with the emphasis on this target growing daily as space technology advances. 

Space cybersecurity is crucial because space products and services are themselves highly valuable, incorporating state-of-the-art processes and precious intellectual property. They are also a target because they provide the foundation for services and applications encompassing telecoms, observation and navigation, and are relied on by governments and defense organizations.

The defense aspects of improved space cybersecurity are especially pressing. Outages have widespread, cascading, and potentially catastrophic consequences. One disabled satellite can affect vast networks on earth, leaving regions without cellular and other services. This makes them attractive targets for malicious attackers. 

Gen. David Thompson of U.S. Space Force told The Washington Post that Russia and China are launching attacks on U.S. satellites every day — using digital attacks, lasers, and radio frequency jamming.

The risk is so great that the director of the Defense Department’s Space Development Agency has cited cyber attacks against satellites as a greater threat than missiles.

Needless to say, solutions to better space cybersecurity are being reviewed in a hurry. A lot of the focus is on fixing the technology gaps. 

The problem is that satellite systems were not designed with security in mind. They have weak encryption and use legacy systems that are not easily patched or updated. And some of the navigation protocols are broken. 

Traditional IT security solutions don’t protect the OT layers that satellites rely on. These security lapses make satellites vulnerable to hacking.

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