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As the cyber threat landscape continues to expand, the space cybersecurity net also widens. 

As satellite-based internet access continues to grow, space cybersecurity professionals expect to see new proof-of-concept threats targeting satellite networks. 

Security experts expect cyber criminals to target organizations that rely on satellite-based connectivity to support low-latency activities, such as delivering critical services to remote locations or online gaming, as well as cruises and airlines, pipelines and remote field offices.

As organizations add satellite networks to connect previously off-grid systems, such as remote OT devices, to their interconnected networks, the potential attack surface will further expand.

Needless to say, solutions to better space cybersecurity are being reviewed in a hurry. A lot of the focus is on realigning incentives. 

In other words, vendors and customers need more motivation to adopt risk mitigation approaches. When critical infrastructure goes out of service, millions of people can be affected. The total economic loss from these outages is orders of magnitude higher than the expenses incurred by the infrastructure operator. 

For example, Colonial Pipeline paid a $6.5 million ransom to get their gas pipelines flowing again, but that pales in comparison to the net effect of millions of people on the eastern seaboard who couldn’t pump gas. 

After the attack, we saw efforts from the U.S. government to apply regulations regarding breach reporting for pipeline systems, and we’re seeing similar efforts in the transportation sector. 

Cybersecurity professionals believe federal regulations and the risk of bottom-line impact compel most companies to improve cybersecurity practices — which would benefit space technology as well.

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