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It’s no secret, space security is essential to the well-being of all nations and people for the ability to access and use outer space.

Space security matters because outer space is a global commons that is central to military, environmental, socioeconomic, and human security on Earth and to science, exploration, and discovery. 

Resources in outer space support applications from global communications to financial operations; farming to weather forecasting; and environmental monitoring to navigation, surveillance, and treaty monitoring.

The United Nations has made it abundantly clear that it is imperative that all humankind can access and enjoy the many benefits of space today, and that this use is sustainable in the future. But maintaining the safety, security, and sustainability of outer space is challenging.

Three overarching challenges are identified: the challenge of governance; the challenge of information sharing; and the challenge of maintaining strategic stability in the military uses of outer space in order to preserve outer space for peaceful use and exploration.

These challenges, especially in regards to space security, have been underscored by the increasing presence of both governmental and private enterprises.

Longstanding technological and cost barriers to space are falling, enabling more countries and commercial firms to participate in satellite construction, space launch, space exploration, and human spaceflight. 

The general sentiment is that there are not enough regulations to deal with all the different risks and threats due to all the military, scientific and commercial activities now taking place in space.

The U.N. has also been pushing for an updated space treaty because the original Outer Space Treaty is more than half a century old. The concern is that the treaty needs updating “urgently” to take into account all of the new space-based threats to global security – and the fact that all nations rely on space today for everything from navigation to communication, broadband and finance.

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