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Specifications Writing Workshop for Engineers

Specifications Writing Workshop for Engineers is a 2-day hands-on training program focuses on the need for a better specification writing along with the ability to communicate the specification requirements and statements effectively to others.

For details of the 2-day specifications writing workshop, CLICK HERE.

  • Learn techniques and strategies to write better specifications: clear, concise, active, command and direct wording
    apply the learning skills to write specifications, standard operating procedures, operations and installation instructions, design guidelines, RFI, RFP, RFQ, IFB, Design Build and more.
  • This course is designed for all engineering disciplines, project managers and anyone else need   to write and  communicate better.
  • Discover the differences between functional, performance and design specifications
  • Explore how to avoid ambiguity in your specifications.
  • Write clear,complete, and consistent specifications.
  • Write shorter sentences

Discover Writing Guidelines and Rules including:

  • Writing style, grammar, simple sentence structure and correct punctuation
  • Appropriate Sentence Length
  • Choosing simple words
  • Redundant or repeat yourself
  • Rambling
  • Edit ruthlessly
  • Editing Sentences
  • Eliminate fluff words
  • Fixing Long Sentences
  • Focusing on the Message
  • How to Avoid Sentence
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Qualifying words
  • Use the active voice
  • Using commands
  • Using Concise Expressions
  • Write short sentences

Learn about the Quality of Requirements:

  • balance
  • clarity
  • completeness
  • consistency
  • correctness
  • feasibility
  • freedom from product/process mix
  • non-ambiguity
  • singularity
  • testability
  • traceability

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