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Systems engineering is about coping with complexity.

Systems engineering applies over the entire life cycle, from concept development to final disposal. Systems engineering helps avoid omissions and invalid assumptions, helps to manage real world changing issues, and produce the most efficient, economic and robust solution.

The systems engineering process delivers a better understanding of the client needs and helps program managers to manage change and configuration effectively through the project lifecycle.

By using the systems engineering approach, project costs and timescales are managed and controlled more effectively by having greater control and awareness of the project requirements, interfaces and issues and the consequences of any changes.

Studies show that when systems engineering is not used, bad things happen, such as:

  • Over one-third of all projects fail
  • Over two-thirds of all projects will not achieve all their goals
  • Worse yet, failure usually becomes apparent when the project is overdue and over budget

Research also shows that efficient projects generally have a project manager and systems engineer working well together. That’s because project management and systems engineering are complementary functions, with great benefit from leveraging each other’s strengths in a team environment.

Systems Engineering helps avoid omissions and invalid assumptions, helps to manage real world changing issues, and produce the most efficient, economic and robust solution.

Systems engineering is an inter-disciplinary field of engineering that focusses on how to design, manage and optimize complex engineering systems over their life cycles.

System engineers work to eliminate:

  • Waste of time
  • Waste of money
  • Waste of man-hours
  • Waste of materials
  • Waste of machine time

Systems engineering is all about figuring out how to do things better, optimize engineering processes and systems that improve quality and productivity.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Systems Engineering Certificate, a 3-week course created to introduce the concept system thinking, seeing the bigger picture and facilitating through a modern agile and lean process, cross activities and inter-disciplinary involvement to enable the realization of successful systems and system of systems (SoS).

Additionally, Tonex offers nearly 400 classes, seminars and workshops in close to four dozen categories of systems engineering training, including:

Agile Software Development Training (4 days)

Aerospace Systems Engineering Training (3 days)

Autonomous Driving Fundamentals (3 days)

Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course (4 days)

Embedded Systems Engineering Certificate (4 days)

For more information, questions, comments, contact us.

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