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Systems Engineering Management Certificate, TONEX Master SE Training Certificate

Systems Engineering Management Certificate (for more details of the program visit the course page) TONEX Training,  a technology and management training, consulting and services leader offers this unique certificate program in Systems Engineering and Management Systems: Systems Engineering Management Certificate or we call it “Master Systems Engineering Training Certificate”

Systems Engineering Management Certificate provides attendees with techniques and tools for the complex decision-making systems engineering management. Systems Engineering Management Certificate is created and designed for engineers and managers involved in any systems engineering program or projects.

Systems Engineering Management Certificate offers a coherent, integrated set of core modules, optional modules and workshops to address planning and control of complex systems and systems engineering processes.

Systems Engineering management Certificate is a well-developed certificate, body of knowledge, trends, techniques, management, methodologies and case studies in general use throughout technically complex industries. Systems Engineering management Certificate’s goal is the efficient analysis, design, development, production, testing, verification and validation, operation and retirement of high-quality systems and products that meet the requirements of stakeholders and customers. All aspects of the systems engineering process and management from initial definition of mission requirements to test, verification, fabrication, validation and operation of the product are addressed.

The Systems Engineering Management Certificate presents systems engineering techniques and management that participants can apply to a wide range of industries including aerospace, military, transportation, and many more. The management certificate program is comprised of many modules, case studies and workshops to choose from, focusing on the principles of systems engineering management, system requirement analysis, concept development, and system integration and verification, plus many other optional topics.

Systems Engineering Management certificate also addresses schedule, cost, reliability, safety and integration of are largely determined in the system definition phase of the program. Translate the stakeholder’s needs into a system or a system of systems and its architecture through an iterative process that results in an effective, reliable system design.

Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a Management Certificate in Systems Engineering, proving that they are knowledgeable in the concepts and techniques presented and have hands-on experience in applying them.

Many Topics to choose:

  • Systems and Systems Engineering Thinking
  • Systems Requirements Analysis and Design
  • Systems Synthesis
    Systems Verification and Validation (V&V)
  • Systems Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Systems Engineering Software Overview
  • Systems Hardware and Software Integration
  • Engineering Project Management
  • System Safety
  • Systems Engineering modeling with SysML™
  • Systems Development Strategies

Many Modules to choose:

  • Importance of Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Systems Engineering Life Cycle
  • Systems and Systems engineering in the Project/Program Environment
  • System Engineering (SE) Operational Feasibility
  • Applying Systems Engineering
  • System Analysis and Design Process
  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Architecture Synthesis
  • System Design and Development
  • Integrating, Testing, and Evaluating the System
  • Integrating, Testing, and Evaluating the System
  • System Verification and Validation (V&V)
  • System Modeling and Diagrams
  • System Project Management
  • Overview of Tools used in the Engineering of Complex Systems
  • Integration of Specialty Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering

Many Workshops and Case Studies to choose:

  • Working with Bad and Good Requirements
  • Classifying requirements as functional or design
  • Working with SOW and Specifications
  • Writing a functionally oriented specification vs a design oriented specification
  • Reviews and Technology and Manufacturing Readiness
  • Working with Systems Engineering Process: The ‘V’ Diagram
  • Modeling Projects using SysML

If you need more information, please contact Professor John Barber, Director, Certificate Program in Systems Engineering and Management Systems.

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