Course NameLength
Advanced Material for Space Systems Engineering2 days
Advanced Topics in Aerospace Hardware and Software2 days
Advanced Topics in Aerospace Reliability2 days
Advanced Topics in Space Systems Engineering2 days
Adversary Space Capabilities Essentials2 days
Aerospace Engineering Workshop2 days
Aerospace Programs Quality Assurance Workshop2 days
AI/ML For Space Engineering2 days
Applications of Space Systems Engineering2 days
Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering To Space2 days
Applied Project Management For Space Systems2 days
Applied Space Systems Engineering2 days
Architecture and Design of Space Facilities2 days
Certified Space Ethical Hacker (CSEH)™2 days
Certified Space Forensic Investigator (CSFI)™2 days
Certified Space Information Security Manager (CSISM)™2 days
Certified Space Intelligence Analyst (CSIA)™2 days
Certified Space Network Architect (CSNA)™2 days
Certified Space Penetration Professional (CSPP)™2 days
Commercial Space Program Certificate (CSPC)™2 days
CubeSat Design Engineering for Managers2 days
CubeSat Systems Engineering Clinic2 days
CubeSat Systems Engineering Workshop2 days
Designing Space Missions And Systems2 days
Earth Observation Satellite Design and Engineering2 days
Electro-Optical Sensors for Space Systems2 days
Embedded Space Software Systems2 days
Engineering Space Systems for Non-Engineers2 days
Engineering Space Systems for Project Managers2 days
Flight Software Engineering for Space Systems2 days
Fundamentals of Deep Space Engineering2 days
Fundamentals of Ground and Mission Operations2 days
Fundamentals of Human Space Flight and Microgravity2 days
Fundamentals of Satellite Earth Observation2 days
Fundamentals of Space Environment2 days
Fundamentals of Space Leadership2 days
Fundamentals of Spacecraft Command and Telemetry2 days
Fundamentals of Spacecraft Configuration and Structural Design2 days
Fundamentals of Spacecraft Propulsion, Launch Systems, and Launch Mechanics2 days
Human Mars Mission Design Workshop2 days
International Space Law, Policy & Strategy Workshop2 days
Introduction to Adversary Space Capabilities2 days
Introduction to Astrodynamics2 days
Introduction to Earth Observation Remote Sensing2 days
Introduction To Human Spaceflight2 days
Introduction to Space Power Systems2 days
Introduction to Space-based Operations2 days
Introduction to Spacecraft Avionics Systems2 days
Introduction to Spacecraft Reliability and EMI/EMC Effects2 days
Introduction to Spacecraft Thermal Control2 days
Mathematics and Physics for Space Systems2 days
Mission Design Workshop2 days
Overview of Spacecraft Operations and Communication2 days
Overview of Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Weapons Workshop2 days
Overview of Orbital Mechanics Training2 days
Overview of Space and Terrestrial Architecture2 days
Overview of Space and Terrestrial Architecture Training2 days
Overview of Space ISR | Space Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance2 days
Overview of Space Robotics2 days
Overview Space Product Reliability and Safety Engineering and Assurance2 days
Principles of Nanosatellite Conceptual Design2 days
Satellite Communication for Engineers2 days
Satellite Communication for Leaders2 days
Satellite Communication for Managers2 days
Satellite Communication for Non-Engineers2 days
Small Satellite Architecture and Development2 days
Space Application Engineering Specialist (SAES)™2 days
Space Application Security Engineer (SASE)™2 days
Space Certified Network Associate (SCNA)™2 days
Space Communications Workshop2 days
Space Computer Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Concurrent Engineering Methodologies2 days
Space Cyber Leadership Certificate (SCLC)™2 days
Space Cyber Operation Professional (SCOP)™2 days
Space Domain – National Security Executive Seminar2 days
Space Electrical Engineering2 days
Space Electromagnetic Warfare (EW) Training for Managers2 days
Space Electronic Warfare Certificate (SEWC)™ | Space EW Training2 days
Space Engineering (including Concurrent Engineering)2 days
Space Engineering Certificate (SEC)™2 days
Space Environmental Engineering Workshop2 days
Space EW Course2 days
Space Exploration and Astronomy Course2 days
Space Infrastructure Specialist (SIS)™2 days
Space Launch And Transportation Systems Essentials2 days
Space Law Workshop: Navigating the Legal Frontier2 days
Space Materials Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Mechanical Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Mission Management and Operations Workshop2 days
Space Mission Operations Workshop2 days
Space Missions Reliability Engineering2 days
Space Nuclear Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Operations Intelligence Workshop2 days
Space Operations Specialist (SCOS)™2 days
Space Policy and Law Professional (SPLP)™ Training2 days
Space Program Administrator (SPA)™2 days
Space Safety Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Software Engineering Workshop2 days
Space Software Reliability and Safety Workshop2 days
Space System Reliability and Safety Workshop2 days
Space System Verification & Validation2 days
Space Systems Architecture and Design Thinking2 days
Space Systems Cybersecurity Essentials2 days
Space Systems Design Training Workshop2 days
Space Systems Engineering and Management Workshop2 days
Space Systems Engineering Certificate (SSEC)™2 days
Space Systems Engineering Course2 days
Space Systems RF and Antenna Engineering Bootcamp2 days
Space Systems Verification and Validation2 days
Space Technology and Systems Specialist (STSS)™2 days
Space Technology for Engineers2 days
Space Technology for Non-Engineers2 days
Space Technology for Software Developers2 days
Space Technology for the Development Leader2 days
Space Technology Leadership Workshop2 days
Space Technology Transfer, Application & Innovation Workshop2 days
Spacecraft Computer Systems Architecture and Design2 days
Spacecraft Design Test and Evaluation (DT&E)2 days
Spacecraft EW Systems2 days
Spacecraft Initial Operational Test and Evaluation (IOT&E) Workshop2 days
Spacecraft Integration and Testing Workshop2 days
Spacecraft Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E)2 days
Spacecraft Operations and Communication for Managers2 days
Spacecraft Propulsion Systems2 days
Spacecraft Sensor Fusion and AI2 days
Spacecraft Software and Hardware Design Workshop2 days
Spacecraft Testing and Simulation2 days
Spaceflight Engineering Professional (SEP)™2 days
Sustainable Space Engineering and Development2 days
Systems Engineering Essential2 days
Systems Engineering for Space Workshop2 days

Space Technology

Space Academy, Space Systems Engineering Training Courses by Tonex.

Tonex’s Space Academy Training Courses are a gateway to the fascinating world of space exploration, technology, and business. As humanity’s presence in space continues to grow, the need for knowledgeable and skilled professionals becomes increasingly crucial. Whether you’re an aspiring astronaut, engineer, policy expert, or entrepreneur, these courses can equip you with the tools to take part in the future of space exploration.

By enrolling in Tonex’s Space Academy, you’re not just learning about space; you’re investing in your own potential to contribute to the next generation of space discoveries. So, if you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what lies beyond, these courses may be the first step toward turning your cosmic dreams into reality.