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Systems thinking is an approach to analysis that zeros in on how the different parts of a system interrelate and how systems work within the context of other, larger systems.

Systems thinking is generally regarded as a holistic approach that can be used in many areas of research. It can be useful in analyzing a variety of operational systems, such as medical, political, economic, environmental, and educational systems.

For organizations, leaders often discover that systems thinking is an effective approach to management as it sees how different complex entities interact and influence each other and make up the whole system. 

Different divisions or teams within an organization connect with and affect each other. Ideally, they work together toward a goal. Business leaders who are systems thinkers tend to see “the big picture,” which is what they focus on to maximize performance within the organization.

Many observers of this modality believe that an essential component of systems thinking is focusing on feedback. Giving attention to relevant feedback enables business leaders to come up with solutions to problems and to avoid wasting resources. 

Maximizing operational efficiency is a primary goal of using systems thinking analysis.

Additionally, when business leaders are systems thinkers, they veer away from the practice of just giving instructions and controlling the system. Systems thinkers usually recognize the importance of integrating the personal goals of employees with the overarching business goals of the company.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Systems Thinking Training, a 2-day course that covers the theory, rational, tools, and techniques associated with systems thinking.

Systems thinking training course concentrates on determining the interconnections between the various components of a system and manufacturing them into a coherent perspective of the whole. 

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