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Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT) is a modality that delivers the most secure and fastest ad hoc mesh network, which instantly and precisely shares data, video and voice between point A and point B.

Tactical Targeting Network is a highly regarded very specific type of waveform technology. The objective of Tactical Targeting Network Technology is to meet the pressing need of high throughput, anti-jam, low latency and quick net join waveforms for IP connectivity as it relates to the Global Information Grid.

The benefits of Tactical Targeting Network Technology are considerable, especially in terms of DoD and government applications. Tactical Targeting Network Technology provides low latency, ad hoc, IP-based network functionality.

Additional benefits:

  • Statistical priority-based multiple access (SPMA) protocol ensures critical data is sent and received by holding off the transmission of lower priority data until needed
  • Strong anti-jam performance for contested environments that extends far beyond line-of-sight using multi-hop relay and automatic routing
  • Platforms simultaneously transmit and receive up to four data streams

But perhaps, one of its more important benefits is how TTNT can successfully connect more than 200 users at any given moment.

In other words, Tactical Targeting Network Technology is a proven and mature system that instantly and accurately shares secure voice, video and data across a dynamic battlespace, meeting the rapidly changing networking needs of today’s warfighter.

The Tactical Targeting Network Technology is largely based on the JAN-TE (Joint Airborne Network-Tactical Edge Document), which is based on the Time Sensitive Target Networking Technology requirements of the Tactical Data Link Transformation Capability Document.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Introduction to Tactical Targeting Network Technology, a 2-day course that covers all aspects of TTNT waveform for use in air-to-air networks of high-speed aircraft.

This course is designed for electronic warfare, avionics systems engineers, system architects, hardware and software engineers, and employees with little or no TTNT experience. The course is also useful for those who have experience with TTNT but have never had any formal training on TTNT.

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