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Team Communication Workshop

Team communication workshop is designed to help you solve the existing communication challenges in your organization in order to avoid more miscommunications in the future.

Effective team communication skills not only help to resolve challenges and issues at a faster rate but also they play essential role in building strong relationships which make people feel more secure and welcomed to share their new ideas, benefiting both the team members and the organization. Communication is driven by the team leader to set up ground rules in order to achieve the desired objectives. In other words, a team should be completely focused on and aligned with the organizational goals to reach success. Such unity is accomplished only through proper communication. Either you are a leader or an employee our instructors at TONEX will guide you to develop the communication skills your role would need at your organization.

Proper team communication can result in developing both personal and professional aspects of people. An effective team leader, who practices proper communication skills, can influence the team members in a positive way leading to developing communication skills in all employees. Such development can result in a more robust organization and stronger relationships. For example,  reports that implementing highly effective communication practices increase employees’ commitment to the company 4.5 times and decreases employee turnover for 20%. Some of these practices are listed at Weekdone as following:

  • Encourage sharing, input, and dialog
  • Have your managers to share, comment, give feedback, and answer
  • Get your employee buy-in
  • Make goals and objectives public
  • Use online tools instead of meetings
  • Establish regular processes
  • Train people in the language of sharing
  • Use mobile tools
  • Survey your employees
  • Listen

Effective teams reflect effective communication skills. While most of us believe we are good in communication, and in most cases we are, then why, as a team, we face multiple miscommunications? Which ring is missing in the chain of our skills that results in not being able to function as a team player? The team communication workshop training help you identify your weakness in communication and then transform it into strength.  Team communication workshop course also helps you gain useful insight on your behavior styles and communication patterns and then learn new techniques to apply to get better results.

Differences among people are inevitable in a team and it is up to the people to let the differences be a problem and weakness or a tool to success.  Proper communicational skills ensure that the differences function as the diversity necessary to productivity and innovation.  Team communication workshop course brightens such differences and teaches you how to employ them towards your organizational goals. Therefore, instead of having friction and confusion within the team caused by differences, we show you the strategies and methods to take advantage of the differences and minimize the unpleasantness in time of stress.

The eventual purpose of communication at work is to get the job done, with the least conflict. Wpcurve measures the effective communication with the following parameters:

  • Communication with no ambiguity
  • Providing thorough information
  • Providing context

To sum up, through team communication workshop course, we teach you communication, team-working, and leadership skills to help you enjoy working with each other, work effectively together as a team, communicate and cooperate with other people in other departments, and develop a stronger and more effective relationship with your managers and supervisors.


Team communication workshop is a 2-day training course suitable for

  • All the individuals working with others as a team or a group
  • Those whose work require direct interactions with other staff, stakeholders, clients, and even vendors.
  • The leaders who are planning to create a new group or department.
  • Teachers and mid-level managers

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics covered by team communication workshop (more detail can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview to team communication
  • Different types of teams and groups
  • What are synergy and social loafing?
  • Team decision-making
  • Roles people play at a team
  • Norms of the group
  • Silos: The clash of stereotypes
  • Stages of group development
  • How to make teams really work?
  • Effective teams
  • Conflicts in teams/groups
  • Effective meetings
  • Networking as a team
  • Common illusions of team working

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