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It’s generally agreed that Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) pushes digital engineering forward.

As a subset of digital engineering (DE), MBSE has been especially important for the U.S. Department of Defense. Digital Engineering is DoD’s initiative that combines model-based techniques, digital practices, and computing infrastructure to enable delivery of high pay-off solutions to the warfighter at the speed of relevance.

 DE modernizes how the DoD conceives, designs, operates, and sustains capabilities to outpace its adversaries.

The interplay between Model Based Systems Engineers (MBSE) and digital engineering (DE) has been a focal point for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

In fact, the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering released a DoD digital engineering strategy, which outlines strategic goals for engineering transformation. One of those strategies involves the development, integration and use of models to inform enterprise and program decision making.

The belief is that digital engineering extends beyond traditional model-based approaches that typically focus on a particular activity or aspect (e.g., model-based design, digital model-based manufacturing, model-based testing, model-based manufacturing, model-based X) of the lifecycle.

The benefits of using a model based systems engineer (MBSE) approach over a traditional document-based approach are considerable, including:

  • Reduced development risk
  • Improved quality
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer
  • Enhanced communications

Models can be either abstractions or representations of reality that facilitate the understanding of complexity. MBSE commonly uses multi-user repository-based modelling tools which provide an environment where a precise and unambiguous world view of the parts of the system and their behaviors and interactions can be defined and managed.

This can be applied horizontally to support to the SE lifecycle process and vertically from integration into the implementation disciplines.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers 20 courses in MBSE Training. Participants are introduced to the notions and philosophies behind Model-Based System Engineering. They also review the tools, models and requirements associated with MBSE in various fields.

MBSE courses include:

MBSE Fundamentals for DoD (3 days)

Hands-On MBSE Training (3 days)

MBSE Training Crash Course (4 days)

SysML Training (3 days)

UML Training (1 day)

Model Based Testing Training Workshop (3 days)

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