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WiFi is one of the greatest success stories of the technology era, and a key to continued social and economic growth.

The global economic value of WiFi in 2021 was estimated at $3.3 trillion, according to a study commissioned by WiFi Alliance. By 2025 that value is expected to grow to $4.9 trillion.

WiFi’s true value is in large part due to its flexibility, which opens a wide spectrum of use cases that have melded with society’s technological needs.

For example, WiFi Wireless networks allow smartphone users to access information in real time so that they can roam anywhere they want without being removed from the network. This improves their mobility over the old fashioned traditional networking system.

Installing a wireless network infrastructure eliminates wires, which are difficult to set up and can impose a safety risk. When compared to a conventional network, it can also be mounted fast and efficiently.

Consequently, a wireless network can be expanded to areas where wires and cables are not available in an organization.

Additionally, wireless WiFi connects to a wide range of channels providing TV programs, movies and music without connecting a TV antenna or subscribing to a cable/satellite provider – the key advantage of a smart TV. Online searching, games, and access to compatible media content saved on your device are also supported by certain smart TVs.

And, like all significant technologies, WiFi is also evolving. Great WiFi is all about improving performance. Cloud-based applications allow work to be done from virtually anywhere and to connect with collaborators across the globe.

The cloud helps you to safely archive the data so that you can still access it from anywhere, regardless of any connectivity constraint because the data is accessed via the internet.

Want to learn more? WiFi is the most commonly used wireless communications technology and primary medium for global internet traffic. It is a big driver of $3.5 trillion in global economic value in 2022. It is growing with more than 4 billion devices shipping annually and 16 billion devices in use.

Tonex offers several courses in WiFi, including:

WiFi Training Bootcamp (3 days)

Introduction to 802.11be | WiFi 7 Training (2 days)

VoWiFi Training | Voice over WiFi Training (2 days)

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