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About Tonex

Since 1993, Tonex has specialized in providing industry-leading training, courses, seminars, workshops, and consulting services across a wide range of topics to Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, universities and privately owned businesses from around the world.

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Tonex donates $6.7 million to Center for Enterprise … – Penn State News

Our unique, creative platform delivers training that’s as fun and engaging as it is impactful. Each course has been created by industry professionals and is constantly updated to ensure a meaningful experience with long-lasting benefits.

Who is TONEX for?

Tonex is for any organization in need of leading edge technology training. That includes:

  • Companies, from Fortune 500 to small businesses in all industries
  • Government agencies
  • Contractors and System Integrator
  • Defense and Military
  • Educational Institutes, Colleges and Universities

What types of courses are offered?

You name it, we provide it. Our courses are constantly updated to keep up with the latest technology, and we continuously monitor business trends and world events to provide the most relevant subject matter anywhere.

Explore our Training Courses and Seminars  to learn more.

How does course customization work?

Tonex makes it easy to get the training your people need, when, where and how they need it. And we collaborate with each client to customize our courses to suit your specific needs.

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact Tonex, and we’ll set up an initial interactive discussion to assess your specific needs
  • We’ll present a detailed agenda and set of deliverables for your approval
  • Once agreed, we’ll begin developing your specific training package
  • All course materials and other deliverables are reviewed with the client
  • All materials are revised and refined for final approval

Who are the instructors?

Tonex instructors are, quite simply, the best in the industry. They are subject matter experts in a variety of technology fields with years of experience providing training and courses all over the world.

Read our Testimonial Section  to see what students have to say about Tonex instructors.

When you’re ready to give your people the skills and training they need to succeed, you’re ready for Tonex.


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