IT and Technology Courses

IT and Technology courses by TONEX offer several trainings in the field of information technology including big data analysis and science, cloud computing, IO buses, Linux and Unix, mobile industry processes interface, mobile application development to name a few.


TONEX IT and technology training courses cover all the bases and give you in-depth information from the very basic concepts and principals on which the whole technology is built, through the methods, tools, models, formulas, analysis, requirements, standards and guidelines, and applications.


First of all, our training courses are designed to cover both aspects of theoretical and practical learning. All the major topics are followed by practical exercises and hands-on activities using real-world examples. This would give you the opportunity of experiencing what you learned in real-life projects.

TONEX also is flexible. While we offer various training courses to answer the needs of diverse group of audiences, we remain flexible to modify and tailor our course agenda based on the needs of your organization or even more to create a course unique to you. So, browse through our category to find the training which best fits you, otherwise let us alter it for you so it fits.

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