Leadership training courses by TONEX prepare you to become an outstanding leader in your organization. Such training doesn’t target only the leaders and executive. In fact, we believe that an organization cannot accomplish its goals unless every single individual demonstrates leadership skills, at any organizational position and level they are. To that end, we design our training courses in a way that it serves a various range of professionals. That being said, we offer specific courses unique to senior executives and leaders.

What Is The Meaning of Leadership?

The term “lead” is defined as “to set in motion,” “to accompany someone.” Deviated from this description is any sign of hierarchy: above/below classifications or governing and censorship. In fact, a leader establishes the direction, but also maintain the motion on course.


In other words, leading means moving individuals towards a target, for the long time. A leader establishes the required structure and makes it accessible to personnel so that they can operate independently yet efficiently.

What Would Be The Correct Leadership Style?

Whether (or not) there is a single proper style of leadership is not clear yet. The fact is that leadership style is profoundly impacted by the complication of the tasks that the personnel need to achieve, and also by the level of the employee’s personal maturity.

Economic value or social value? Performance or people? Whichever you express it; several organization leaders have experienced these as conflicting goals, thinking that a corporate can’t serve both masters.

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


Communication Models: Factual And Personal Levels

  • Factual level
  • Relationship level
    • Values
    • Feelings
    • Motives

Learn About

  • Basic and advanced leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-management techniques
  • Time management
  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership and teambuilding
  • Motivation and people management
  • Negotiations skills
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Our instructors have extensive experience as leaders and as instructors in both private and governmental sectors
  • Our training courses are a combination of lectures and practical activities
  • Practical activities include individual and group activities, role playing, and hands-on workshops
  • Course agenda can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization