Leadership Training

Effective leadership is paramount for businesses to maximize efficiency and reach organizational goals.

Leadership approaches have changed. Gone are the tyrannical “do as I say or leave” management styles. Studies conclusively show how authoritarian leaders are ineffective and negatively impact bottom lines in many ways including the cost of rehires, and, in some cases, even litigation.

Studies show that effective leaders are 13 times more likely to outperform their industry competitors. Also, organizations with effective leaders have higher employee retention and engagement rates. Additionally, effective leaders outperform average leaders by 50%.

The trend in leadership modalities is to encourage and help employees in the workplace, and sometimes even outside the workplace.

In other words, leaders and their organizations are focusing less on hierarchical structure and more on teamwork to create products, services and policies. The technological advances of cloud computing are helping to make it easier for all employees to access work remotely while still staying connected to their team.

Leadership Training Courses by Tonex

Leadership training courses by Tonex prepare you to become an outstanding leader in your organization. Such training doesn’t target only the leaders and executive. In fact, we believe that an organization cannot accomplish its goals unless every single individual demonstrates leadership skills, at any organizational position and level.

To that end, we design our training courses in a way that it serves a various range of professionals. That being said, we offer specific courses unique to senior executives and leaders.

While innate leadership skills do exist, studies prove that training makes the greatest difference for elevating an average leader into an excellent one.

Leadership qualities that can be taught include:

  • Self-Regulation – This refers to a leader’s ability to control emotions and impulses. People who self-regulate typically don’t allow themselves to become too angry or jealous, and they don’t make impulsive, careless decisions. They think before they act.
  • Motivation – To be an effective leader you need to learn how to enjoy a challenge and simply be the best you can at whatever you do. Leaders also have to understand the value of deferring immediate results for long-term success.
  • Self-Awareness – It’s crucial for leaders to understand their emotions so they don’t let their feelings rule them. The best leaders also are willing to take an honest look at themselves. They know their strengths, but more importantly, also know their weaknesses, which they work on to improve.
  • Empathy – Learning to show patience and recognizing the feelings of others is extremely important for leaders. Empathy helps create a balance among team members as well as increase production because everyone feels they matter.

Tonex offers an amazing 120 different courses in a dozen categories in Leadership training. There are over 50 leadership courses in our Business Skills category alone. Participants can choose modern, cutting age courses such as:

Other Training categories include Business Intelligence, Business Writing, Operations Management Training, People Management, Performance Management, Product and Project Management Training, Project Management Certification, Soft Skills, Change Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training.

Participants learn about:

  • Basic and advanced leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-management techniques
  • Time management
  • Setting and achieving goals and objectives
  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership and teambuilding
  • Motivation and people management
  • Negotiations skills
  • Entrepreneurship

Why Choose Tonex? 

For nearly 30 years Tonex has been a leader in technology and advanced business training courses with a 98 percent approval rating from attendees.

We have helped individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses small and large fine tune skill sets and stay current with industry standards and advancements.

Tonex world class instructors have extensive experience as leaders and as teachers in both private and government sectors.

Our training courses are a combination of lectures and practical activities, which include individual and group activities, role playing and hands-on workshops.

And we’re flexible. Need a course agenda tailored to fit the needs of your organization? Yes, we can do that.

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Leadership Training