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Tonex Training offers IPv6 Forum Certification courses designed to equip professionals with in-depth knowledge of IPv6 technologies. These comprehensive programs cover essential IPv6 concepts, addressing, and security, ensuring participants gain the expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving networking landscape.

TONEX is certified by IPv6 Forum. TONEX offers the following IPv6 Forum Certification Courses:

  • IPv6 Forum Certified Certification (Silver)
  • IPv6 Forum Certified Certification (Gold)
  • Certified Engineer (Silver)
  • Certified Engineer (Gold)
  • Certified Trainer (Gold)
  • Certified Security Certification (Gold)
  • Certified Security Engineer (Gold)
  • Certified Security Trainer (Gold)

Who Should Attend:

IT professionals, network engineers, system administrators, and cybersecurity experts seeking to enhance their proficiency in IPv6 technologies and earn valuable certifications will benefit from these courses.