Course NameLength
Advanced VoLTE Training3 days
Cisco SAE Gateway Training | System Architecture Evolution Gateway5 days
eMBMS Training | evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service3 days
IMS and SIP Signaling Training | VoLTE Signaling Training2 days
Introduction to LTE Training | The Basics1 day
Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training - Master 2 week Long LTE Training2 Weeks
LTE Capacity Planning Training3 days
LTE Carrier Aggregation Technology Overview2 days
LTE For Non-Engineers and Managers1 day
LTE Fundamentals Training2 days
LTE Location Based Services Training | LTE LBS3 days
LTE Operations and Management Training | Advanced2 days
LTE Public Safety Technology Training3 days
LTE RAN Signaling Training | LTE Signaling Training2 days
LTE RF Engineering Training3 days
LTE RF Optimization Training3 days
LTE RF Planning Training - LTE RF Planning, Design, Optimization Training3 days
LTE Security Training - LTE and LTE-Advanced Security2 days
LTE SON Technical Overview Training2 days
LTE SON Training | Self Optimizing Networks | Self-Organizing Networks2 days
LTE Standards Training2 days
LTE TDD Training | TDD LTE | TD-LTE2 days
LTE Technology Overview | Technology Fundamentals2 days
LTE Training - LTE (Long Term Evolution) Training Bootcamp, Crash Course4 days
LTE Training - Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training 1012 days
LTE Training Courses USA, San Jose, California1 day
LTE Training for Non-Engineers2 days
LTE Training India1 day
LTE Training UK1 day
LTE Training USA, Miami1 day
LTE-Advanced Training, Long Term Evolution Advanced2 days
LTE-M and NB-IoT Crash Course2 days
PCRF Training | Policy and Charging Rules Function | Training2 days
Private LTE Training Bootcamp – Private Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training Bootcamp3 days
RCS Training | Rich Communication Suite Training2 days
Troubleshooting LTE RAN Training - UE Based3 days
ViLTE Training | Video over LTE Training3 days
Voice Over LTE Training - Via Generic Access2 days
VoLTE Performance Optimization Training2 days
VoLTE Protocols and Signaling Training2 days
VoLTE QoS Training | VoLTE Quality of Service | Training2 days
VoLTE Security Training2 days
VoLTE Training - Voice over LTE Training Course - Bootcamp Style3 days
VoWiFi Training | Voice over WiFi Training2 days

LTE Training, Long Term Evolution Training Courses and Programs

LTE Advanced Pro Training

LTE Training and Long Term Evolution (LTE) Training Classes delivered by LTE Experts. LTE Courses includes LTE 101, LTE Training Crash Course, OFDMA, SC-FDMA, MIMO, LTE RF Planning, LTE Capacity Planning, LTE RF Optimization, VoLTE, LTE-Advanced, and LTE Security.

As we move into the next step of wireless broadband technology – a 3.5G/4G wireless network named Long Term Evolution (LTE) – it’s essential that workers in the field understand the unique nature of this technology. LTE training courses are the perfect blend of new information, evolving market trends and future goals, such as the vision of offering throughput of 1 Gb/s with LTE-Advanced.. The company to deliver the highest quality specialty training is Tonex.

Tonex has been providing world-class education, seminars and training courses for business and government entities since 1993. Our client base is just as diverse as our seminar offerings, and they range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to government agencies. Our long term evolution training programs are a must for those in the broadband technology department such as employees from Verizon and AT&T.

All LTE training courses follow a specific etiquette that we have found to be most successful. While some of the material learned in long term evolution training programs is intricate, our goal is to make it as simplified and easy to understand as possible.