Length: 2 Days
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Hypersonics Training Short Course by Tonex

Space Operations Specialist (SCOS)™

Hypersonics Short Course is a 2-day introduction to hypersonics technologies. This course is especially beneficial for participants who want to see the “big picture” in order to communicate with technical as well as non-technical individuals.

Hypersonics Short Course covers the most important aspects of hypersonics technology without getting too involved in the technical nitty gritty.

Participants will learn the advantages and challenges of using technology five times the speed of sound.

Additionally, participants will learn about both private and military applications of hypersonics, as well as what to expect from future use cases.

Hypersonics research is important both for aeronautics and space research to enable extremely fast travel on Earth as well as for future space exploration.

Hypersonics technology also has significant military implications as it dramatically shortens the timeline to strike a target while enhancing predictability. The DoD plans to develop leap-ahead and cost effective technologies like hypersonics for air, land and sea operational forces.

Who Should Attend?

Hypersonics Short Course is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Project Managers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Systems Designers
  • Aerospace Personnel
  • Material Engineers
  • CIOs / CTOs /CSOs
  • Product Owners and Managers
  • Military Personnel and Leaders
  • Military Contractors
  • Anybody Interested in Hypersonics Technology

Why Choose the Hypersonics Workshop?

  • Expert Instructors: Our workshop is led by industry-leading experts with vast experience in hypersonic research, development, and applications.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From the fundamentals of hypersonics to advanced concepts, our curriculum covers all essential aspects of this rapidly evolving field.
  • Hands-on Learning: Engage in practical exercises and simulations to reinforce your understanding of hypersonic principles.
  • Real-world Applications: Discover the wide range of applications of hypersonics in aerospace, defense, and beyond.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow participants, industry professionals, and potential collaborators to expand your professional network.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Hypersonics

  • Definition and Scope of Hypersonics
  • Historical Development and Milestones
  • Key Differences between Hypersonic and Subsonic/Supersonic Flows
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Hypersonic Technology

Hypersonic Aerodynamics

  • Fundamentals of Hypersonic Fluid Mechanics
  • Shock Waves, Boundary Layers, and Viscous Effects
  • Flow Regimes and Hypersonic Vehicle Configurations
  • Aerodynamic Heating and Thermal Protection Systems

Hypersonic Propulsion

  • Airbreathing Engines and Scramjets
  • Rocket-Based Combined Cycle Engines
  • Propulsion Challenges at Hypersonic Speeds
  • Propulsion Integration with Vehicle Design

Materials and Structures for Hypersonic Conditions

  • Material Properties at Extreme Temperatures
  • Thermal Protection Systems (TPS)
  • Structural Design Considerations for Hypersonic Vehicles
  • Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Testing for Material Characterization

Hypersonic Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation

  • Systems Engineering Principles
  • Software Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering and Avionics
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Control Systems Engineering
  • Wind Tunnel Testing for Hypersonic Flows
  • Simulation and Modeling Techniques
  • Ground and Flight Testing of Hypersonic Vehicles
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation

Hypersonic Applications

  • Hypersonic Missiles and Weapons Systems
  • Spacecraft and Re-entry Vehicles
  • Hypersonic Commercial Transportation Concepts
  • Emerging Applications and Future Prospects

Case Studies and Real-world Examples

  • Analysis of Successful Hypersonic Projects
  • Lessons Learned from Past Hypersonic Endeavors
  • Industrial and Military Applications of Hypersonics
  • Exploration of Recent Advancements and Research Initiatives

Practical Considerations and Challenges

  • Cost and Affordability of Hypersonic Technologies
  • Regulatory and Ethical Concerns
  • Global Collaboration and Research Opportunities
  • Addressing Environmental Impact

Analysis, Exercises and Case Studies

  • Aerodynamic Analysis
  • Thermal Protection System Design and Evaluation
  • Hypersonic Flight Profiles
  • Case Study-Based Group Projects

Future of Hypersonics

  • Anticipated Technological Advancements
  • Potential Disruptive Applications
  • Ethical and Societal Implications
  • Pathways for Career Growth in Hypersonics


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