Course NameLength
Applied Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Workshop | Safety Critical Process Analysis2 days
DFMEA Training | Design FMEA Training2 days
FMEA Training | Failure Modes and Effects Analysis2 days
PFMEA Training | Process FMEA Training2 days
SFMEA, Software Failure Modes Effects Analysis Training2 days

FMEA Training

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, or FMEA, is a methodology aimed at allowing organizations to anticipate failure during the design stage by identifying all of the possible failures in a design or manufacturing process.

Developed in the 1950s, FMEA was one of the earliest structured reliability improvement methods. Today it is still a highly effective method of lowering the possibility of failure.

A system FMEA is the highest-level analysis of an entire system that is made up of various subsystems. Using a system FMEA it’s possible, for example, test whether an electric motor meets all the requirements in the specifications sheet and discover and assess possible deficiencies that could lead to the requirements not being met.

The primary objective of an FMEA is to improve design. For System FMEAs, the objective is to improve the design of the system. For Design FMEAs, the objective is to improve the design of the subsystem or component. For Process FMEAs, the objective is to improve the design of the manufacturing process.

Some of the more critical objects of an FMEA, include:

  • Identify and prevent safety hazards
  • Minimize loss of product performance or performance degradation
  • Improve test and verification plans (in the case of System or Design FMEAs)
  • Improve Process Control Plans (in the case of Process FMEAs)
  • Consider changes to the product design or manufacturing process
  • Identify significant product or process characteristics
  • Develop Preventive Maintenance plans for in-service machinery and equipment
  • Develop online diagnostic techniques

There are a number of business reasons to implement an effective FMEA Process. When done well, FMEA is a proven tool to reduce life cycle warranty costs.

FMEA Course by Tonex

Tonex offers several 2-day courses in FMEA that cover key aspects on how to effectively carry out  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Participants learn how FMEA is best used and when it should be implemented by organizations and agencies.

Special types of FMEAs are also covered such as Design FMEA. Important industrial uses like how FMEA fits into healthcare (FMEA for Medical Devices) are delved into as well.