Course NameLength
Advanced Radar Course | Advanced Radar Systems3 days
Fundamentals of RADAR and LiDAR Systems2 days
Introduction Radar Systems | Radar Fundamentals | Training2 days
Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Bootcamp3 days
Radar Communications Training2 days
Radar Systems Design and Engineering Training3 days
Radar Systems Training | Fundamental Radar Concepts3 days

RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)

It’s unlikely anyone in 1940 when Radar was first named could have foreseen the massive importance of radar or the crucial contributions this technology would make over the subsequent decades.

Today, radar technology enables a wide array of uses, such as:

  • Used in early warning systems to detect objects in the air such as surface-to-air missiles by the military.
  • Aircraft collision avoidance.
  • Biological research to track birds and insects to trace their migration.
  • Used to monitor weather patterns such as wind direction and the amount of precipitation.
  • Radar is used to guide missiles and other weaponry to specific targets over a long distance.
  • Geologists have used specialized ground penetrating radar to study the composition of the earth’s crust.
  • Traffic radar is used by police and other traffic marshals to monitor the traffic situation on roads and advise motorists accordingly.
  • Vehicle parking assistance and anti-collision systems.

RADAR Training by Tonex

Tonex offers many Radar system courses including the basics of Radar, Introduction to Radar Systems, Radar Systems Design and Engineering Training and Phased-Array Radar.

Our Radar Communications Training Course is especially popular with individuals and organizations with its in-depth coverage of important aspects of radar communications systems including engineering and operations.

Another radar course, Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Bootcamp, offers  boocamp-style training over three days where participants learn about principles and the technology of the phased array antenna and radar system engineering, analysis, design, performance and implementation, verification and validation, and operation and maintenance.

Why Tonex?

For almost three decades Tonex has been specializing in courses and seminars that stress cutting edge training in the most relevant technology-based topics of our time.

Tonex instructors are the best in world. Not only are they specialists in their fields, they also have real world experience that goes a long way in providing attendees with not only theory but also practical information to help with careers and goal objectives.

At Tonex, we can customize courses to better fit the needs of individuals and groups.

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