Course NameLength
2-Day Design-Build Performance-Based Specifications Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Design-Build RFP (Request for Proposal) Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based Business Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based Contract Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based Requirements Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based RFP (Request for Proposal) Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based Specification Writing Workshop2 days
2-Day Performance-Based Statement of Work (SoW) Writing Workshop2 days
Advanced Methods for Effective Problem Solving2 days
Advanced Negotiation Strategies: Mastering the Art of Effective Deal-Making2 days
Advanced Project Management and Systems Engineering Workshop2 days
Advanced Technical Project Management2 days
Agile SOW Training Workshop2 days
AI-Driven Business Writing Workshop2 days
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Workshop2 days
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Training2 days
Applied Problem Solving2 days
Applied TRIZ for Innovation2 days
Bid-Writing Skills2 days
Big Data for Project and Program Managers Training3 days
Brand Management2 days
Briefing Skills and Techniques Course3 days
Budget Analysis And Management Workshop2 days
Building Professional Workplace Workshop2 days
Business Communication and Decision Making Skills Workshop2 days
Business Intelligence and Analytics for Financial Planning Professionals Training5 days
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for Non-Engineers2 days
Business Model Canvas Workshop2 days
Business Process Outsourcing Workshop2 days
Business Strategy for Engineers2 days
Business Strategy Toolkit2 days
Business Writing for Leaders Workshop2 days
Business Writing For Non Native English Speakers2 days
Business Writing Skills Training2 days
Change Management Training2 days
Channel Management Training3 days
Communication Skills Workshop2 days
Complex Decision Making in Project Management Workshop2 days
Comprehensive Management Training for Effective Project Execution2 days
Conflict Management Training1 day
Conflict Management Training | The Fundamentals2 days
Construction Specifications Writing Workshop2 days
Content Creation2 days
Contract Management and Negotiation Skills Workshop2 days
Contract Quality Assurance (CQA) Workshop2 days
Contract Writing Training2 days
Contracting Officer's Writing Workshop2 days
Contractor Management Training2 days
Corporate Social Responsibility Training2 days
Cost Estimation for Engineers Workshop2 days
Cost Realism Analysis Workshop2 days
CPM Training, Critical Path Method3 days
Creativity and Innovation Workshop2 days
Critical and Analytical Thinking Skills for DoD2 days
Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Workshop2 days
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Essential Training2 days
Customer Service Skills For Government Employees Workshop2 days
Decision Making Training for Project and Program Managers3 days
Demystifying Federal Acquisition2 days
Digital Advertising2 days
Economic Analysis (EA) Workshop2 days
Economic Trends and Market Analysis Fundamentals2 days
Effective Business and Technology Writing Workshop2 days
Effective Communications Mastery2 days
Effective Leadership Skills1 day
Effective Team Communication Workshop Training2 days
Effective Writing Workshop2 days
Elicitation Skills Course | Ethical and Compliant Information Collection2 days
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop2 days
Emotional Intelligence Training | 2-Day Workshop2 days
Emotional Intelligence Training | The Fundamentals1 day
Emotional Intelligence | Management Training2 days
Engineering Creativity & Innovation Workshop2 days
Engineering Creativity Workshop3 days
Engineering Project Management2 days
Engineering Project Management Essential2 days
Engineering Project Management Training3 days
Facilities Operations & Maintenance Essentials2 days
Federal Accounting Workshop2 days
Federal Appropriations Law Workshop2 days
Federal Budgeting Essentials2 days
Federal Contracting And Procurement Essential2 days
Federal Funds Control For Non-Financial Professionals2 days
Federal Human Resources And Employee Relations Workshop2 days
Federal Management and Program Analysis2 days
Federal Supervision and Leadership Workshop2 days
Federal Writing Workshop2 days
Financial Accounting for Non-Accountants2 days
Financial Products and Services Training2 days
Financial Regulations and Compliance2 days
Financial Technology (FinTech) Integration2 days
Fundamentals of Data Security and Fraud Prevention2 days
Fundamentals of Operations Research: Theory and Applications2 days
Fundamentals of Risk Management and Mitigation2 days
Government Contracting Statement of Work (SoW) Writing Training Course2 days
How To Become A Powerful Presenter2 days
How to Deal with Difficult People Training2 days
Human Resources 101 for Federal Supervisors2 days
In-Depth Requirements Writing and Specification Writing Training4 days
Innovate with TRIZ2 days
Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy Workshop2 days
International Project Management Workshop for Mission Planners and Project Managers2 days
Interpersonal Communication Workshop2 days
Interpersonal Skills and Communication in the Workplace Short Course1 day
Interpersonal Skills and Communication in the Workplace Training2 days
Introduction to Corporate Governance and Ethics2 days
Introduction to Customer Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance2 days
Introduction to Digital Banking and Mobile Payment Solutions Training2 days
Introduction to Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards2 days
Introduction to Financial Planning and Investment Management2 days
Introduction to Retirement Savings and Financial Literacy2 days
Introduction to Statistics Using R2 days
Introduction to Wealth Management and Estate Planning2 days
Leadership and Management Skills Workshop2 days
Leadership in Portfolios, Programs and Projects2 days
Leading Complex Projects Workshop: Lifecycle, Processes & Systems Engineering2 days
Leading High Performance Teams Training2 days
Lean Project Performance Workshop2 days
Look Ahead Schedule Training2 days
Managing Employee Performance and Conduct Workshop2 days
Managing International Research and Technology Projects Workshop2 days
Marketing Strategies2 days
Mastering Problem-Solving Principles2 days
Mastering Scope of Objectives (SOO) Writing2 days
Mastering TRIZ Methodology in the CPG/Food Industry: Case Studies and Practical Applications2 days
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Workshop for Engineers and Managers2 days
Mergers and Acquisitions Training | Merger Acquisition Training4 days
Mission-Driven Project and Product Management Workshop2 days
Mistake Proofing Training | Poka Yoke2 days
Navigating the Intersection: Government Affairs and Public Policy2 days
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Workshop2 days
Negotiation Orientation Workshop2 days
Networking and Relationship Building Workshop2 days
Offshore Wind Farm Training2 days
Operations Management Training2 days
Operations Management Training Boot Camp4 days
Organizational Development Fundamentals Training3 days
Patent Engineering With SysML | Hands-on Workshop3 days
Patent Law for Engineers Training2 days
Patent Law for Managers | Training Crash Course3 days
People Management Training3 days
Performance Based Acquisitions Workshop2 days
Performance Management Training2 days
Performance-Based Statement of Work (SoW) Workshop2 days
Planning & Project Management for Engineers2 days
Planning & Project Management for Managers2 days
PMI Certification Preparation Training Boot Camp4 days
Poka Yoke for Engineers and Managers2 days
Portfolio Management Fundamentals Training3 days
Portfolio, Product, and Project Management2 days
Portfolio, Project & Program Management for Engineers Workshop2 days
Presentation Skills Workshop2 days
Principles of Facilities Management2 days
Principles of Organization Management Training3 days
Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking Workshop2 days
Product Management Bootcamp Training4 days
Product Management Training2 days
Professional Assertiveness and Confidence Development2 days
Professional Skills for Engineers Workshop2 days
Program Management Fundamentals: Effective Program Governance2 days
Project and System Decision Analysis Workshop2 days
Project Cost Estimating and Simulation Workshop2 days
Project Management Course for Experienced Engineering Professionals2 days
Project Management Essentials1 day
Project Management Essentials for Engineers2 days
Project Management Essentials Training3 days
Project Management for Engineers2 days
Project Management for Non-Technical Managers Workshop2 days
Project Management for Software Developers2 days
Project Management Fundamentals2 days
Project Management Leadership Workshop2 days
Project Management Principles3 days
Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification | Exam Preparation3 days
Project Planning and Scheduling and Risk Management Workshop2 days
Project Risk Management for Engineers and Managers2 days
Project Stakeholders Management Training3 days
Project Time and Cost Management Training for Scientists and Engineers4 days
Proposal Engineering 1012 days
Proposal Engineering Workshop- Hands-On3 days
Quality Management System (QMS) Auditor2 days
Quantitative Data Analysis workshop2 days
Requirements Writing Training Course - Specification Writing Training2 days
Retirement Planning for Federal Employees Seminar2 days
Risk Management Applied: Scheduling and Cost Control2 days
Risk Management for Engineers and Managers2 days
Risk Management Training Course2 days
Scope Management and Baseline Development2 days
Scope of Work Training Workshop2 days
SharePoint for Project Management Training3 days
Skills Development for Government and DoD2 days
Social Media Marketing (SMM)2 days
SoW annd Contract Management for Project Managers: Principles and Practices2 days
SOW Writing Training | Statement of Work Training2 days
SOW Writing Workshop for Engineers1 day
Statistical Analysis for Business Value Creation2 days
Strategic Planning and Management Training3 days
Strategic Problem-Solving Skills2 days
Strategic Thinking for Project Managers and Engineers2 days
Stress Management and Resilience Workshop2 days
Stress Management for Government Employees Workshop2 days
Systems Engineering Project Management Training4 days
Systems Thinking Across the Project Lifecycle Workshop2 days
Teamwork and Collaboration Workshop2 days
Technical Project Management and Systems Implementation Training2 days
Technical Writing For Non Native Speakers of English2 days
The Black Hat Workshop2 days
Time Management and Organization Skills2 days
Time Management and Productivity Workshop2 days
Transit Specifications Writing Workshop2 days
TRIZ Certification Workshop Basic With MATRIZ Testing2 days
Unleashing Engineering Creativity Workshop2 days
Visual Problem Solving Workshop2 days
Writing Effective Self-Assessments Workshop2 days
Writing for Engineers, Scientists and Technical Managers2 days
Writing Performance Work Statements Workshop2 days
 Scope of Works Development Training Workshop3 days

Business Skills Training

Business skills are essential to keeping an organization running smoothly.

Organizations that thrive generally have leaders with highly developed business skills. These skills help professionals understand both the internal and external factors that impact an organization’s success, as well as the processes involved in carrying out business goals.

The skills needed to be successful in business include soft skills, such as leadership and communication, as well as hard or technical skills like financial accounting.

Business skills are especially important for entrepreneurs, leaders and managers, but a firm understanding of business essentials can benefit professionals in any industry.

Any business looking to gain competitive advantage, flourish and grow, needs to innovate. But, innovation in business doesn’t just happen. It requires a learning culture pushed forward by a higher level of business skills.

To keep your company ahead of the game, you need to embrace change at lightning speed, learn new skills, sharpen old skills, keep up with trends, and assimilate new knowledge.

Learning isn’t just about job training. It’s about mindset. For learning and development to be highly effective there needs to be a shift in an organization’s culture to a growth mindset.

Strong managerial skills are intrinsically linked to organizational performance. A study by Gallup found that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement, underscoring the need for companies to develop leaders who can drive team productivity and morale.

For seasoned and aspiring managers alike, it’s valuable to know how to lead meetings and communicate organizational change. Equally important is being aware of the common missteps team leaders often make.

Business skills in management can be honed through online training such as classes offered by Tonex. It’s an excellent means for team leaders to augment managerial knowledge as well as develop a fresh outlook in their roles. This includes looking at things through a larger lens, from a variety of perspectives.

Business Skills Training Courses by Tonex

Due to the ever-changing global business environment, shifting economic power frameworks and rising advancements in communications and transference technology, some corporations are having problems staying updated with the speed of today’s business world. Our business skills training courses provide you with the up-to-the-date material that can keep your business ahead of your global competitors.

Tonex offers over 50 courses in Business Skills training. Our courses improve the skills and knowledge you need in order to have a profitable and sustainable business. These include soft skills as well as the people, performance, process, product and project management skills.

We also will cover everything you need to write various business documents such as proposals, contracts, reports, etc.

Our SOW Writing Training Course, for example, provides participants with the concepts, tools, approaches and configuration of  the Statement of Work (SOW), a document that is the connection between buyers and sellers.

Some of our Business Skills courses, such as the Black Hat Workshop, are important but difficult to find classes. This course replicates a potential competitor of your business and helps you take all required steps and actions to determine the possible ways the competitor might beat your bids or proposals and then will help you to neutralize those strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

Another seldom offered course, Offshore Wind Farm Training, helps participants to understand the technological developments of offshore wind farms, different types of wind turbines implemented for offshore projects, control of offshore wind farms, protection and reliability assessment of offshore wind technologies.

An especially popular course, Risk Management Training, can serve as a guiding text for companies concerned about when and where to invest capitol.

Risk management is a critical area in corporate investment and finance. This course covers framework, methods, and practice risk management across industries through real case studies. Concise and comprehensive, it covers both the theoretical underpinnings of risk management, as well as practical techniques for coping with financial challenges.

Our business skills courses cover numerous real world case studies. Learn how to inspire teams, negotiate with vendors, achieve conflict resolution and communicate more effectively.

Investing in business skills training will bring in:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Improved productivity
  • Higher staff loyalty and retention
  • Healthier team behavior
  • Improved competitive advantage

Learn to inspire teams and negotiate with merchants, get the best result out of a conflict, and communicate more effectively via our broad range of courses presenting real-world scenarios.

Why Choose Tonex?

Tonex has been helping individuals, organizations, agencies and companies of all sizes for almost 30 years. Many of our clients are repeat customers.

Our world class instructors are authorities in their fields with real life, down in the trenches experience.

Need a course tailored to your organization’s special needs? We do that. Just let us know how we can assist.

For more information, questions, comments, contact us.

Business Skills