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Electronic Warfare Short Course | EW Short Course3 days
Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation Training4 days
Electronic Warfare Training Crash Course4 days

Electronic Warfare Training

The next war will likely be one where Electronic Warfare (EW) dominates – that is, a battle ground less about bombs and more about penetrating an adversary’s digital network.

NATO defines Electronic Warfare as a military action that exploits electromagnetic energy, both actively and passively, to provide situational awareness and create offensive and defensive effects.

As well as “advantages.”

Growing trepidation over China’s growing militia of electronic warfare technology, has the Pentagon looking at possible counter moves in the event that digital communication is disabled such as a blow to the Global Positioning System.

The importance of Electronic Warfare (EW)  cannot be overemphasized. Having an adversary monitor one’s communications or eliminate one’s ability to communicate or navigate can be catastrophic.

Electronic warfare involves the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is the entire distribution of electromagnetic radiation according to frequency or wavelength.

EW is divided into three major areas:

  1. Electronic Warfare Support – This involves actions taken by an operational commander or operator to detect, intercept, identify or locate sources of intended and unintended radiated electromagnetic energy. Sometimes this is simply referred to as reconnaissance. The purpose is to provide immediate recognition, prioritization, and targeting of threats to battlefield commanders.
  2. Electronic Attack – This involves the offensive use of EM energy, directed energy or anti-radiation weapons to attack personnel, facilities or equipment. In the case of EM energy, this action is most commonly known as jamming. It can be performed on communication systems or radar systems.
  3. Electronic Protection – This is about protecting friendly forces from the effects of an EM assault. For example, flares are often used to distract infrared homing missiles to miss their target.

But, like so many area in technology, EW is also a field of rapid evolution that requires anyone working in this discipline to constantly update their skillsets in order to keep up with cutting-edge architectural landscapes.

This trend is happening in large part due to militaries placing greater emphasis on “surgical strikes” rather than all-out human to human physical combat.

EW solutions must be ever vigilant, nimble and agile to keep up with the threats. This is done with technology that:

  • Achieves rapid time to market and time to deployment
  • Reduces latency
  • Cuts cost and program risk

EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target humans, communications, radar or other assets, military and civilian.

Experts in EW believe the demand for EW systems will be driven by rapid technological advancements, focus on Directed Energy Weapons and the growing need for electronic protection capabilities.

Electronic Warfare Training Courses by Tonex

Electronic Warfare has evolved at such a staggering pace that continual education is required for those whose jobs overlap with this field. Beneficiaries of additional training include:

  • Technical personnel
  • Electronic warfare or radar system planning, design, development, operations and maintenance
  • Electrical engineers
  • Software engineers
  • System engineers
  • System analysts
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Verification and validation personnel
  • Project managers
  • Program managers

Tonex has been a leader in Electronic Warfare training services since 1992. Our courses cover a wide array of information such as:

  • Overview of Electronic Warfare (EW) Key Concepts
  • Principles of Net-Centric Electronic Warfare
  • Principles of Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Applied in EW
  • Key Technology Enablers of Modern and Emerging RADAR Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Functions
  • Electronic Warfare Technology
  • Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering and System of Systems Engineering

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