Course NameLength
Automotive Functional Safety ISO 26262 Training Bootcamp4 days
Automotive System Design Training3 days
Functional Safety and Hazard Analysis Training3 days
Functional Safety of Medical Devices: Automatic Self-Tests of Computer Components2 days
Introduction to Fault Hazard Analysis (FHA)2 days
ISO 26262 Training: Automotive Safety2 days
Software Safety Training3 days
Software Safety, Hazards Analysis and Risk Management Training Workshop3 days
Software System Safety Engineering Training3 days

Functional Safety Training

Functional safety training is imperative across every organization, irrespective of the country they are present in.

The objective of the training is to mentor the engineers for functional safety and adhere the techniques and methods in accordance with the standard for the compliance.

This concept is a part of the overall safety system, covering everything from processes to operation of equipment, to finding corrective mechanisms to reduce risks and failures.

Functional safety training helps organizations meet regulatory requirements while operating safely to deliver the requisite results.

Some of the current functional safety standards, include:

Modern machines are a confluence of software and hardware; the software controls various aspects of the hardware and its operation. This means that the software operating systems have also started to fall under the functional safety requirements.

During the last decade, functional safety has becoming increasingly important as it has essentially become a requirement for every manufacturer. With even more cohesive integration of software and hardware systems, we are already seeing an increasing dependence on these standards to cover such systems.

As more products incorporate complex microelectronics and software into their design, it is becoming increasingly challenging for quality and safety engineers to assess and implement functional safety at the system level.

This includes a wide range of products, such as:

  • Safety instrumented systems and hazardous location control systems
  • Machine safety and robotics
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Machine safety and robotics
  • Consumer smart home products
  • Smart factories and supply chains

Functional safety has always existed. However, with more human-machine interactions and the implementation of autonomous technology into machinery on our factory floors and cars, it has morphed into a specialized technical field and engineering discipline. Functional safety is about safe machinery and vehicle performance, without causing any risks to human life.

At a time when attaining cross-disciplinary knowledge is a must to achieve maximum reliability, safety and quality, employers must take it upon themselves to train and certify their employees in functional safety to meet the challenging demands of the market.

Functional Safety Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers several courses in Functional Safety Training.

A particularly popular course is the 3-day Automotive Functional Safety ISO 26262 Training Bootcamp that covers the background of ISO 26262 standard, its scope, the main differences from IEC 61508 (the general safety standard), and how the scope varies with adding new systems.

Another well-received course is the 3-day Functional Safety and Hazard Analysis Training that covers overall safety and hazard analysis depending on a system or equipment operating correctly in response to its inputs. Learn ow to address functional safety and hazards and carry out and the level of performance required of each safety function to meet the expectations and requirements.

Software System Safety Engineering Training is a 3-day boot camp style crash course that covers all aspects of Software System Safety Engineering (SSSE). Focus is on Software System Safety (SwSS) and its primary objectives.

Tonex functional safety training programs cover requirements for automotive, transportation, medical, defense, aerospace, aviation, space, and many industrial end equipment. Participants also learn about development of IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 functional safety applications.

All courses and seminars prepare participants for compliance with functional safety standards.

Why Choose Tonex?

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Functional Safety Training