Course NameLength
Advanced Satellite Communications Systems Training | Advanced SATCOM Training3 days
Cybersecurity and Satellite Systems Training | Cybersecurity and SATCOM Training4 days
Fundamentals of Modern Commercial and Military SATCOM Systems | Advanced SATCOM Training2 days
Introduction to CubeSat2 days
Microwave and SATCOM Systems Principles and Practical Operation4 days
Military and Commercial Satellite Communications Training | SATCOM Technology and Networks Training Course5 days
RF Engineering Principles Applied to Satellite Communications3 days
SATCOM Training | Satellite Communications Training | Courses2 days
Satellite Communications Cybersecurity For Managers2 days
Satellite Communications Design and Engineering Training4 days
Satellite Communications Training for Engineers and Managers | SATCOM Training for Engineers and Managers2 days
Satellite Communications Training | Bootcamp Course4 days
Satellite Installation Training1 day
Satellite Phone Training2 days
Technical Aspects of Satellite Communications Training for non-Engineers4 days
VSAT Installation and Maintenance Training2 days
VSAT Training - Very Small Aperture Terminal Training3 days

Satellite Communications Training

The Fundamentals of Modern Commercial and Military Satellite Systems Training Course by Tonex is a comprehensive training program designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of satellite systems. It covers topics such as satellite communication systems, orbits, launch vehicles, ground stations, and payloads, and provides practical training on how to design, operate, and maintain satellite systems. The course is suitable for professionals involved in the design, development, operation, and management of satellite systems, and provides a certificate of completion from Tonex.

The increase in development of new satellite technologies is anticipated to fuel the growth of the global satellite communication market.

Analysts are particularly interested in the role satellite technology will play in making the IoT a reality.

Robust IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and autonomous technologies are being increasingly implemented throughout several industries such as automobile, defense and healthcare. These technical tools are employed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the new installation or existing infrastructure.

The global satellite communication market is projected to reach $99,588.02 million in 2027, registering a CAGR of 9.2%.

The increase in development of new satellite technologies is anticipated to fuel the growth of the global satellite communication market. For instance, in April 2021, Northrop Grumman announced successful docking of its Mission Extension Vehicle 2 to Intelsat 10-02 a commercial satellite. Mission Extension Vehicle 2 is a robot spacecraft that extends the life of satellites.

The satellite communication market is segmented into application, component, end-use industry, and region. Based on application, the market is segmented into voice communication, broadcasting, and data communication.

Based on component, it is further divided into equipment and services. Based on end-use industry, the market is classified into maritime, aerospace & defense, industrial, government, transportation and logistics, and media. Region wise, the market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

It often comes as a surprise to many that because of IoT technology, critical elements of our economy, such as the global supply chain, can be managed remotely. For instance, trucks carrying perishable goods can be monitored in real time, and merchant ships can be piloted from the safety of the shore, and it’s all made possible by some form of connectivity.

But since cellular coverage only reaches approximately 15% of the planet, technology developers have had to find ways to extend their reach beyond the limits of terrestrial infrastructure.

This need led more and more companies to look to satellite communications to create coverage continuity, and as a result, a new IoT category emerged – satellite IoT.

Satellite IoT has been stepping forward in a big way and attempting to give organizations the peace of mind that no matter where their assets are, the ability to reliably monitor, track and manage application connectivity is available.

Satellite Communications Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers nearly a dozen courses covering specialized areas of satellite communications — everything from fundamentals to cybersecurity and VISAT training.

Some of our classes:

Advanced SATCOM Training (3 days) — This course covers all aspects of satellite technology, system survey,  systems engineering as applied to satellite communications, hardware, software, applications, digital communications and processing in modern satellite networks, IP convergence, optimization and management.

Cybersecurity and SATCOM Training (4 days) — This course provides an understanding of unique vulnerabilities in SATCOM systems that are commonly exploited. Discover techniques and strategies for integrating cybersecurity measures into SATCOM systems, networks, products and critical missions from the start.

Microwave and SATCOM Systems Principles and Practical Operation Training (4 days) — This special  special hands-on training course provides a complete background for understanding basic operation and setup of both terrestrial and satellite microwave systems.

Satellite Communications Design and Engineering Training (4 days) — This course covers basic to advanced engineering level topics which are suitable for electrical, communications and wireless network technicians, engineers, analysts and managers including electrical engineers and technicians, communications engineers and technicians, systems engineers, and wireless network engineers and technicians and anyone else who is looking for a satellite communications design and engineering refresher course.

Satellite Communications Training | Crash Course (4 days) — This intense crash course focuses on satellite communications  payloads, systems engineering and architecture of satellite systems including application requirements such as digital video and broadband media, mobile services, IP networking and UDP/TCP/IP services, concept of operations, identifying end-to-end.satellite payload requirements and constellation.

Satellite Phone Training (2 days) — This course provides training in planning, designing, installation, operation, maintenance and management of satellite phone systems.

Satellite Communications Training for non-engineers (4 days) — This course is designed to provide a general technical overview of Satellite Communications and GMR-1 family of technologies for non-technical professionals including sales, marketing, product managers, finance, project and program managers, and executive management.

VSAT Training – Very Small Aperture Terminal Training (3 days) — This course covers very small aperture terminal (VSAT) systems. VSAT is growing throughout the world as a way of establishing private satellite communications networks for large organizations that have several widely dispersed locations, or providing higher bandwidth for the individual.

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Satellite Communications Training