Course NameLength
Advanced CBRN Defense: Strategies, Technologies, and Integration for SOF2 days
Advanced Cognitive Electronic Warfare Systems: AI Integration and Paradigm Shifts in Testing & Evaluation2 days
Advanced Communications Systems and Technologies for the DoD2 days
Advanced Communications Technologies in Defense Applications2 days
Advanced Cyber Technology Workshop for National Security and DoD2 days
Advanced Electronic Warfare Systems2 days
Advanced Electronic Warfare Systems for Managers2 days
Advanced SIGINT and ELINT Collection Workshop with a Focus on AI Integration2 days
Advanced SIGINT Collection Workshop2 days
Advanced Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Workshop2 days
Advanced Spacecraft Systems Engineering Training2 days
Advanced Target Tracking Workshop2 days
Aerospace and Satellite Cloud Cybersecurity2 days
Aerospace Engineering Essentials2 days
Aerospace Materials and Structures Training2 days
Aerospace MRO Engineering Bootcamp with Reliability Engineering Focus2 days
Aerospace Systems Engineering for Managers2 days
Affordability Analysis and Investment Constraints2 days
AI-Enabled Cyber Electronic Warfare Convergence2 days
AI-Enabled Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations2 days
Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Workshop2 days
Antenna Theory and Design for Engineers and Managers2 days
ARINC 429 Training Workshop2 days
Army Aviation Safety and Flight Training2 days
Army Chaplaincy and Spiritual Support Training2 days
Army Cyber Warfare and Defensive Operations2 days
Army Special Forces Training2 days
Avionics Certification Combo Course2 days
Certified SIGINT Engineer Training2 days
Cognitive Electronic Warfare Essentials2 days
Combat Engineering and Route Clearance2 days
Combat Modeling and Wargaming Engineering2 days
Combat Modeling Workshop2 days
Combat Stress Management and Resilience Training2 days
Combo MIL-STD-461G & DO-160G Test Methods and Compliance Workshop2 days
Cost Estimating and Reporting for Engineers2 days
Cost Estimating and Reporting for Project Managers2 days
Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency Strategies Essentials2 days
Cyber Warfare/Electronic Warfare Integration Workshop2 days
Cybersecurity for DoD Professionals2 days
Cybersecurity in the Defense Acquisition System2 days
Cybersecurity—Supply Chain Risk Management for DoD Acquisition2 days
Data Analytics for DoD2 days
Deep Space Optical Communications: Technologies, Challenges, and Applications2 days
Defense Demilitarization Program Course (DDPC)3 days
Defense Systems Engineering and Management Training2 days
Demystifying Satellite Systems2 days
Design and Analysis of Aircraft and Spacecraft2 days
Designing for Safety Workshop2 days
Designing for Software Reliability, Safety and Security Bootcamp2 days
Designing for Software Safety Fundamentals2 days
Designing for System Reliability, Safety and Security Bootcamp2 days
Designing for System Safety Fundamentals2 days
DevSecOps for DoD Workshop2 days
Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) Technology Survey2 days
Digital Twins for the Military2 days
Directed Infrared Countermeasures: Modeling, Siulation and T&E2 days
DO-178C and DO-254 Compliance Workshop: Guidance and Auditing2 days
DoD Contract Negotiation Techniques Essentials2 days
DoD Directive 8140 Training | Cyberspace Workforce Qualification and Management Program2 days
DoD Program/Project Management and Acquisition Workshop2 days
DoD Strategic Planning and Policy Workshop2 days
DoD Systems Requirements Planning Workshop2 days
DoD Vulnerability Assessment and Management Workshop2 days
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) for Space Systems Workshop2 days
Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering Essentials2 days
Electromagnetic Technology Management Essentials2 days
Electronic Protection and Electronic Attack Workshop2 days
Electronic Warfare (EW) for Executives2 days
Electronic Warfare ELINT Receivers Workshop2 days
Electronic Warfare for Managers2 days
Electronic Warfare System Operational Test and Evaluation2 days
EMC and Signal Integrity Workshop2 days
Emerging Technologies for DoD Acquisition2 days
Engineering in DOD Training Workshop2 days
EO/IR Polarimetric Imaging Essentials2 days
Exploitation and Defense of IT Systems for Managers2 days
Explosives Safety Workshop2 days
Flight Test and Evaluation Workshop2 days
Foreign Military Training and Advising2 days
Foundations of Aerospace for Engineers2 days
Foundations of Aerospace for Managers2 days
Foundations of Aerospace for Non-Engineers2 days
Foundations of Military Leadership Development Training2 days
Foundations of Strategic Communication and Stakeholder Engagement2 days
Fundamentals and Applications of EO-IR Countermeasures2 days
Fundamentals of Adaptive Array Radar Signal Processing2 days
Fundamentals of Advanced Radar Signals Collection and Analysis (ARSCA)2 days
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies2 days
Fundamentals of C4I Systems: Integrating Military Intelligence and Operations2 days
Fundamentals of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Training2 days
Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing (DSP)2 days
Fundamentals of DoD Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF)2 days
Fundamentals of Electronic Warfare (EW) Operations3 days
Fundamentals of Emerging ELINT Capabilities2 days
Fundamentals of Emerging SATCOM Capabilities2 days
Fundamentals of Emerging SIGINT Capabilities2 days
Fundamentals of Emerging Tactical Communications Satellite (TACSATCOM) Capabilities2 days
Fundamentals of Government Contracting and Acquisition Procedures2 days
Fundamentals of Grounding, Bonding, EMI and Power Quality2 days
Fundamentals of Information Technology (IT) Requirements Engineering and Management2 days
Fundamentals of Joint Combined Arms Operations2 days
Fundamentals of Joint Military Operations and Interagency Collaboration2 days
Fundamentals of Land Navigation and Map Reading2 days
Fundamentals of Modern Systems Engineering for Atmospheric Applications2 days
Fundamentals of Multi-Level Security (MLS)2 days
Fundamentals of Multiband Phased Array Antennas2 days
Fundamentals of Operational and Live-Fire Test and Evaluation2 days
Fundamentals of Operations Security (OPSEC)2 days
Fundamentals of Optical Inter-Satellite Links (OISLs) Training2 days
Fundamentals of Public Relations and Crisis Communication2 days
Fundamentals of Signal Processing for DoD2 days
Fundamentals of Titles 10, 18, 32, 50 in U.S. Codes Training2 days
Geomatics/Geodesy/Geodetic Engineering2 days
Geometrical Optics and Image Processing Essential2 days
GIS and Remote Sensing Programming2 days
Homeland Security Systems Engineering Training2 days
How to Become DoD 8140 Compliant Workshop2 days
Human Systems Integration (HSI) Fundamentals2 days
Human-Machine Teaming: Optimizing Performance2 days
Hyperspectral and Multispectral Sensing for DoD2 days
Hyperspectral Imaging Workshop2 days
Imagery Exploitation Fundamentals2 days
Integrated Broadcast System (IBS) Fundamentals2 days
Introduction to Suppression of EO-IR Signatures2 days
Introduction to AI-based Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)2 days
Introduction to ARP4754B2 days
Introduction to ARP4761A2 days
Introduction to AS13100 - Supplemental Quality Management System Requirements2 days
Introduction To Automated Schedule Optimization And Sensor Tasking2 days
Introduction to Avionics and Control Systems2 days
Introduction to Combat and Tactical Training2 days
Introduction To Command And Control, Tasking, Mission Processing And Dissemination2 days
Introduction to Crisis Management and Decision-Making under Pressure2 days
Introduction to Cybersecurity and Information Warfare2 days
Introduction to Cybersecurity For Leadership and Best Practices2 days
Introduction to Data Privacy and Protection Training2 days
Introduction to Defense Systems Engineering2 days
Introduction to Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E)2 days
Introduction to Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)2 days
Introduction To Distributed Command And Control2 days
Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshops2 days
Introduction to DoD Instruction 5000.02 “Operation of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework”2 days
Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Interference (EMI) for Managers2 days
Introduction to Emergency Response and Crisis Management2 days
Introduction To Ethics and Compliance Workshops2 days
Introduction to Ethics and Values Training2 days
Introduction to Flight Testing and Certification2 days
Introduction to Functional Safety: ARP 4761, ISO 26262 IEC 61508 Standards2 days
Introduction to Government Budgeting and Financial Management2 days
Introduction to Information Assurance Security Architecture and Engineering (IASAE)2 days
Introduction to Leadership Development and Management Skills2 days
Introduction to MIL-STD-1553 for Non-Engineers2 days
Introduction to Military Intelligence and Surveillance Techniques2 days
Introduction to Military Internet of Things2 days
Introduction To Multi-Phenomenology Fusion Architecture2 days
Introduction to National Security and Defense Policy Seminars2 days
Introduction to Project Management and Performance Measurement2 days
Introduction to Risk & Safety Management2 days
Introduction to SAE AIR53012 days
Introduction to SAE AMS 63602 days
Introduction to SAE AMS-QQ-P-4162 days
Introduction to SAE AMS57372 days
Introduction to SAE AMS64592 days
Introduction to SAE AMS64712 days
Introduction to SAE ARP47542 days
Introduction to SAE ARP47612 days
Introduction to SAE AS4782 days
Introduction to SAE AS91022 days
Introduction to SAE AS91462 days
Introduction to SAE J518-22 days
Introduction to Strategic Planning and Policy Development2 days
Introduction to Tagging and Tracking2 days
Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Training2 days
Introduction To Warning, Tracking, And Targeting Of Advanced Missile Threats2 days
Laser Directed Energy Weapon (LDEW) Systems Training2 days
Laser Principles and Applications for DoD Engineers2 days
Leadership Development for Naval Officers2 days
Life Support Systems (LSS) and Waste Management2 days
Life-Cycle Sustainment Planning Workshop2 days
Link 16 for Space-based System of Systems (SoS)2 days
Logistics Test and Evaluation Workshop2 days
Maritime and Naval Systems Engineering Training2 days
Maritime Environmental Conservation and Sustainability2 days
Maritime Law and Rules of Engagement2 days
Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Training2 days
Mastering Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS)2 days
MIL-DTL-901E Training2 days
MIL-I-46058C Training2 days
MIL-PRF-31032 Training2 days
MIL-PRF-50884D Training2 days
MIL-PRF-55110 Training2 days
MIL-STD-1130 Training2 days
MIL-STD-120 Training2 days
MIL-STD-1472H Training, Department Of Defense Design Criteria Standard- Human Engineering2 days
MIL-STD-167 Training2 days
MIL-STD-202 Training2 days
MIL-STD-2105 Training2 days
MIL-STD-248 Training2 days
MIL-STD-461G & DO-160G Test Methods and Compliance Workshop2 days
MIL-STD-461G Test Methods and Compliance Workshop2 days
MIL-STD-516 Training2 days
MIL-STD-767 Training2 days
MIL-STD-882E Level of Rigor (LOR) Activities: Ensuring Software Safety through Effective Analysis and Verification2 days
MIL-STD-883 Training2 days
Military Communication and Radio Operations Training2 days
Military Cultural Awareness and Foreign Language Training2 days
Military Cultural Intelligence Training2 days
Military Cyber Defense and Offensive Operations2 days
Military Intelligence Analysis and Assessment2 days
Military Laser Principles and Applications for Engineers2 days
Military Logistics and Supply Chain Management2 days
Military Power and Energy Workshop2 days
Military Supply Chain Management Training Boot Camp2 days
Mobile Device Security for DoD2 days
Modern Commercial and Military Satellite Systems: Design, Engineering and Development Workshop2 days
Modern NetCentric Warfare Fundamentals2 days
Modern Radar Waveforms Analysis, Design and Engineering2 days
Multi-Link Operations Workshop2 days
Multi-Target Tracking & Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Workshop2 days
Naval Aviation and Aircraft Carrier Operations2 days
Naval Cybersecurity and Information Assurance2 days
Naval Diplomacy and International Cooperation2 days
Naval Engineering and Technology Advancements2 days
Naval History and Heritage2 days
Naval Intelligence and Maritime Domain Awareness2 days
Naval Logistics and Supply Chain Management2 days
Naval Operations and Strategies2 days
Naval Special Operations and SEAL Training2 days
Naval Warfare and Tactics Essentials2 days
Optical and Infrared Systems Survey2 days
Optical and Quantum Communications Training2 days
Overview of AS9100:2016 Aerospace Quality Management System2 days
Overview of ECSS-E-ST-10C, Space Engineering- Systems Engineering General Requirements2 days
Overview of MIL-HDBK-5J: Metallic Materials And Elements For Aerospace Vehicle Structures2 days
Overview of MIL-STD-464C - Electromagnetic Environmental Effects, Requirements For Systems2 days
Overview of Reliability Prediction Procedures For Mechanical Equipment2 days
Precision Pointing and Tracking System Architecture2 days
Principles of Data Analytics and Data-Driven Decision-Making2 days
Principles of Military Ethics in Combat2 days
Product Support Lifecycle Costing Training2 days
Program Management and Systems Engineering Workshop2 days
Project Acquisition Workshop for DoD2 days
Range Safety Workshop2 days
Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) For Logisticians2 days
RF Electronic Warfare Simulations for DoD2 days
RF Warfare Simulations for DoD2 days
Signals Intelligence and Electronic Warfare for Engineers, Managers, and Analysts2 days
Software Defined Radio (SDR) Based SIGINT2 days
Software Safety Standards: Mastery of MIL-STD-882E and Beyond2 days
Space Based Radar for DoD2 days
Space Implementation of Tactical Data Links Workshop2 days
Space-Based Battle Management2 days
Supply Support Logistics Training Course3 days
Survey of Electromagnetic Operating Environment2 days
Sustainability for DoD Workshop2 days
Systems Thinking Tools and Methods for DoD2 days
Tactical Communications Satellite (TACSATCOM)2 days
Tactical Communications Satellite (TACSATCOM) Support To The Warfighter2 days
Tactical ISR (T-ISR) Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Solutions Workshop2 days
Target Acquisition with Electro-Optical Imagers Modeling and Simulation2 days
Target Tracking and Sensor Systems Essential2 days
Target Tracking System Architecture2 days
TCP/IP over Satellite Communications: Technologies, Optimization, and Protocols2 days
Thermal Analysis and Engineering Essentials2 days
Unconventional Threats and Asymmetric Warfare2 days
Understanding TEMPEST: Secure Communications and Emission Security2 days
Underwater Acoustic Modeling and Simulation Workshop2 days
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Guidance & Control Workshop2 days
Urban Warfare and Close Quarter Combat2 days

Defense Technology

The DoD’s defense technology investment enables the U.S. to counter military threats and to overcome any advantages that adversaries may seek.

It also expands the military options available to policymakers, including options other than warfare in pursuing the objectives of promoting stability and preventing conflict.

Defense technology is the intersection of commercial innovation and national security. The origins of this industry date back to World War II with breakthrough technology in the form of electronic warfare.

Today, defense technology along with science help to counter special threats such as terrorism that cannot be met by conventional warfighting forces, and they underpin the intelligence capabilities necessary to assess the dangers our nation faces.

The U.S. military also relies on science and technology to make advanced military systems more affordable through their entire life cycle. And by maintaining a close dialogue with the warfighters, the defense S&T community not only remains sensitive to user needs but also sensitizes the user to the possibilities that technology offers for responding to evolving threats.

Cutting-edge technologies that are remaking the business, culture, and lifestyle of so many civilians also present challenges to national security establishments. Artificial intelligence (AI), directed energy, autonomous weapons, advanced robotics, 5G networks, additive manufacturing, quantum computing and bio-/neurotechnology are only a few among the many new technologies which the United States and its adversaries are preparing to militarize.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly viewed as the most important emerging technological trend within the defense sector, as it is expected to have multiple beneficial applications at the operational and tactical levels, particularly within the context of soldier modernization.

Autonomous weapon systems are also getting much attention.

Those who call for further development and deployment of autonomous weapons systems generally point to several military advantages. For example, autonomous weapons systems act as a force multiplier where fewer warfighters are needed for a given mission, and the efficacy of each warfighter is greater.

Defense Technology Courses by Tonex

For over 30 years, Tonex has helped advanced the Defense Technology industry with innovative training and hands-on instructions.

Today, Tonex offers over 14 dozen defense-oriented courses. Many training programs, workshops and certificates are available in critical subject areas such as RF, antennas, radar EW, cybersecurity, to prepare you to protect and secure your organization’s assets.

Tonex Defense Technologies include courses and certificates including:

  • Advanced Problem Solving
  • Advanced Systems Engineering
  • Antenna Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
  • Certified Space Security Specialist
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Test & Evaluation (T&E)
  • Data and Sensor Fusion
  • DoD Acquisition Processes
  • DoDAF, UPDM and UAF
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation
  • Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR)
  • Infrared & Electro-Optical
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Integrated Performance Modeling and Simulation
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Link 16
  • Military EMC/EMI
  • Military Integrated Logistics Information System
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
  • Modeling & Simulation (M&S)
  • Phased Array Antenna Engineering
  • Product Support Lifecycle Costing
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • Radar Systems
  • Space Mission Systems Engineering
  • Space Operations and Cybersecurity
  • Space Systems Engineering
  • SysML (System Modeling Language)
  • System of Systems Engineering (SoSE)
  • Systems Engineering – Lifecycle and Processes
  • Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Tactical Data Links (TDLs)
  • Test & Evaluation (T&E)

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