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Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection2 days
NERC Certification Exam Preparation Training Program4 days

NERC Certification Training

NERC CIP Training

NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) monitors, regulates, and implements compliance policies for power system operators in the U.S. and Canada.

The Atlanta-based nonprofit organization addresses security issues as well as develop standards for power system operation, assess resource adequacy and provide educational and training resources.

NERC promotes safe power systems through reliability standards, the widely accepted regulatory standards for bulk-power system operators, owners and workers. NERC uses these standards for audits ensuring efficient, safe, and reliable power sources for households and business operations.

The details of compliance are substantial. The NERC CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) plan for example consists of nine standards and 45 requirements covering the security of electronic perimeters and the protection of critical cyber assets. The plan also calls for personnel training, security management and disaster recovery planning.

NERC CIP is a big deal. Failure by utility companies to comply with the NERC CIP regulations can result in substantial penalties with fines that may run as high as $1 million a day.

The way NERC looks at it, with 40 percent of critical infrastructure targeted by cyber attacks, it’s imperative to examine the controls in place, determine gaps in coverage and correct them immediately.

Two ways to help achieve compliance with NERC CIP requirements is through privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management.

PAM helps organizations manage their privileged accounts in order to protect their critical assets, meet compliance regulations and to prevent data breaches. Increasingly, malicious insiders target privileged users to obtain their access rights.

NERC Certification Training Course by Tonex

There’s a lot at stake, which is why NERC’s System Operator Certification Program seeks to ensure system operators meet minimum qualifications. To earn certification, an operator passes an exam and completes NERC‐approved continuing education every three years.

Our NERC Certification Exam Preparation Training Program includes exam preparation courses and training programs to help organizations and their professional people with the NERC System Operator Certificate Exam.

Tonex offers both instructor-led and online training created to help pass the NERC certification exam as well as help organizations and utility system operators protect the reliability and safety of their infrastructure and the grid.

NERC Certification Exam Preparation Training Program covers all four exams of System Operator Certification:

  1. Reliability examination
  2. Balancing, Interchange and Transmission examination
  3. Transmission examination
  4. Balancing examination

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NERC Certification Training