Course NameLength
Acquisition & Contracting Bootcamp2 days
Advanced Innovation Training | Principles and Methods2 days
Business Writing for Engineers Workshop2 days
Coaching and Mentoring Training for Leaders2 days
Conflict Resolution Training for Leaders2 days
Corporate Social Responsibility Training2 days
Creativity and Innovation Training2 days
Cybersecurity For Leadership and Best Practices2 days
Effective Communication and Team Collaboration2 days
Effective Enterprise Risk Management Workshop2 days
Effective Leadership Communication Seminar2 days
Effective Leadership for Systems Engineers2 days
Emotional Intelligence for Leaders2 days
Environmental Law and Management Workshop2 days
Ethical Leadership Workshop2 days
Executive Development Training Bootcamp4 days
Executive Leadership Training2 days
Fundamentals of Leadership Development for Army Officers2 days
Fundamentals of Resilient Leadership Training2 days
Government Program Management for Leaders Workshop2 days
High Performance Leadership2 days
How to Deal with Difficult People Training2 days
Inclusive Leadership Seminar2 days
Innovative Leadership Training Fundamentals2 days
Introduction to Change Management2 days
Introduction to Communicating Strategically2 days
Introduction to Crisis Leadership Training2 days
Leadership & Management for Engineers Workshop2 days
Leadership and Management Development2 days
Leadership and Management Essentials2 days
Leadership and Management Skills Development2 days
Leadership Development Essentials Workshop2 days
Leadership Development Program2 days
Leadership Development Workshop2 days
Leadership Skills and Techniques for Non-Managers2 days
Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors2 days
Leadership Training for Women2 days
Leading Project Teams Workshop2 days
Leading Remote Teams Workshop2 days
Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Retreat Training2 days
Modern Software Systems for Senior Leaders (MSSL) Workshop2 days
Negotiation Skills Training for Women2 days
Negotiation Training | Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop2 days
Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Engineers2 days
Persuasive Speaking Workshop2 days
Strategic Change Management Training2 days
Strategic Leadership Planning Fundamentals Training2 days
Strategic Leadership Training2 days
Strategic Planning and Management Training3 days
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Risks (SWOR) Workshop2 days
Success within Conflict Training for Women Leaders2 days
Team Building Training3 days
Time Management and Productivity Training for Leaders2 days
Transformational Leadership Seminar2 days

Leadership Training

Strong, effective leadership allows companies to achieve business goals, engage employees and grow the company. This translates into bottom-line profits and increased shareholder value.

Research shows that a crucial quality that builds leadership ability is taking ownership and responsibility. Your team has to know you’ll be there for them through good and bad times. That doesn’t mean you absolve people from making mistakes or ignoring inferior work. What it means is taking responsibility for the big picture.

There’s also the connection between the human factor and increased profit. Gallup reports that roughly 20 percent of employees are actively disengaged. These employees have bosses who make them feel miserable, which spreads discontent and dampens productivity.

Study after study shows that businesses that train their leaders to create more caring, supportive environments have team members who are engaged, positive and productive.

Leadership Training Courses

Leadership training is crucial because an effective leader provides the sense of purpose to the business. A leader looks forward and sees where the business is headed. Insightful leaders can help a business avert catastrophe before it happens.

Leadership training courses are designed to upgrade you from a good leader to a great one. Our leadership courses cover all the rational, concepts, techniques, traits, and skills you need to learn and know about leadership. We teach you the characteristics of the outstanding leaders of the world and how you can develop them. You will learn how to be a leader rather than being a manager.

We will train you on the strategies to engage your team and win them over without directly telling them what to do and how to do it. Our instructors will also elaborate the differences between management and leadership in detail so you recognize which one to apply.

One of the most crucial characteristics of leadership is effective communication, which we will take seriously and will spend sufficient time in our training to ensure you learn the tools and techniques required to develop effective communication skills, such as active listening, proper use of body language, etc.

Another essential element of leadership is the ability of successful negotiation. Our instructors will teach you the techniques and methods of a win-win negotiation and train you how to use them to your benefit. You will learn how to use negotiation tools to get the best deal — not just a deal — at the negotiation table.

Another part of being a successful leader is how you handle difficult people or difficult situations. In our leadership training, you will learn how to deal with difficult people who are not easy to work with. We will teach you how to manage your team when someone in the team constantly causes troubles and makes the workplace unpleasant for everybody. We also will teach you how to handle difficult situations and manage conflicts. We will train you to convert conflicts into opportunities by hearing and seeing underlying issues and improve them.

Tonex Leadership Training Features

All of our training courses are designed to be fun, dynamic and active. We have two main objectives in mind when we train you:

  • You fully comprehend and digest the theories and principals that we teach you
  • You experience what you learned under our watch before you go back to work.

In order to accomplish these two goals, our training sessions divide into two modules of lectures and hands-on. First, you will learn the theoretical materials via lectures and presentations. Once we are certain that you have fully understood everything you need, we will move on to the next part which is practicing what you learned in real-world projects.

Our labs, individual and group activities, and hand-on workshops will allow you to explore your strengths and shortcomings, while you experience potential challenges and issues under our coaching. Ideally, you will discover your unique style and improve it by capitalizing on your strong skills.

Why Choose Tonex?

Tonex leadership training offers various training courses suitable for different group of audiences. We offer training courses for junior managers, mid-managers, leaders, executives and even non-supervisors.

Our philosophy is that everybody can be a leader. We believe if all individuals develop the leadership skills to lead from their positions, the overall productivity and profitability of the organization would significantly increase.

We also provide specific, unique courses for professional women who are currently or soon to be leaders in their organizations. We are one of the few training institutes that offer specific, independent leadership training for female leaders.

Although Tonex offers diverse training courses that cover a wide array of topics and needs, we are fully flexible toward customizing our course agendas upon your request.

Leadership Training