Course NameLength
802.11 Training2 days
802.11ac Training, Very High Throughput2 days
802.11ad Training2 days
802.11af Training2 days
802.11af Training2 days
802.11ah Training2 days
802.11ax Training2 days
802.11ay Training | Next-generation 60 GHz Communication for 100 Gbps Wi-Fi2 days
802.11az Training2 days
802.11mc Training2 days
802.11n Training2 days
Bluetooth 5.0 Training | Bluetooth 5.2 Updates2 days
Bluetooth Smart Technology Training | Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Training2 days
Bluetooth Training | Bluetooth Course3 days
Fundamentals of Cellular Networks2 days
Introduction to 802.11be | Wi-Fi 7 Training2 days
Introduction to TETRA Technology | Terrestrial Trunked Radio Technology | Training2 days
IoT Wireless Connectivity Bootcamp2 days
M2M Training - Machine-to-Machine (M2M)2 days
Microwave Training | Microwave Radio Link Planning and Frequency2 days
mmW Technology Training | 5G Millimeter Wave Training3 days
OFDM Training3 days
PortaPack HackRF One Training Workshop | SDR Training with Portapack H2+ Mayhem Firmware HackRF One4 days
Radar Communications Training2 days
RFID Training2 days
SDR Training - Software-Defined Radio2 days
SDR Training with HackRF | Advanced Software Defined Radio Training3 days
The Internet of Things Training | IoT Training2 days
WiMAX Training Crash Course3 days
Wireless Communication and Spectrum Design Training3 days
Wireless Engineering Training Bootcamp3 days
Wireless Fundamentals Training Course2 days
Wireless Training Crash Course4 days
ZigBee Training | 802.15.4 Training2 days

Core Wireless Training Courses