Length: 2 Days
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Weapons Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation Training Bootcamp by Tonex

Weapons Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation Training Bootcamp is a 3-day  training program for professionals who wish to gain a solid understanding of key concepts behind weapons development, acquisition, test and evaluation.

The Department of Defense (DOD) acquisition, systems engineering, project management will benefit from this training and can get better returns on its weapon system investments and acquisition by following knowledge-based practices and developing an action plan for performance measures.

Participants will learn about weapon acquisition support, engineering, design, performance analyses, trade-off, software engineering, cybersecurity, safety and reliability, requirements engineering, modeling and simulation, test and measurement, systems integration, verification and validation, operations and maintenance, DEMIL, Other topics such as Human Systems Engineering (HSE), Net-Enabled Weapons (NEW), TDLs/Link 16/TTNT/VMF/Link 22/SADL/MADL, Network Centric Warfare (NCW), ISR, avionic sensors,  sensor fusion/AI/ML, software and hardware design, and mission system support are also covered:

  • Weapon Acquisition and Development 101
  • Weapon Systems Engineering and Project Management
  • Aircraft and Related Systems
  • Command, Control, Communications,
    Computers, and Intelligence (C4I)
  • Ground Systems
  • Missile Defeat and Defense Programs
  • Missiles and Munitions
  • Shipbuilding and Maritime Systems
  • Space Based Systems
  • Science and Technology
  • Mission Support Activities

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this training, participants will:

  • Understand the entire lifecycle of weapons development, from concept to deployment.
  • Gain insight into the acquisition process, including procurement, contracts, and regulations.
  • Learn the principles of effective weapons testing and evaluation, including safety and reliability.
  • Develop the ability to identify and mitigate risks associated with weapons programs.
  • Acquire the knowledge to make informed decisions on weapons technology and resources.
  • Foster a comprehensive understanding of ethical and legal considerations in weapons development.

Audience: This course is ideal for professionals working in the defense, government, or security sectors, including:

  • Defense contractors and engineers
  • Military personnel involved in weapons programs
  • Government officials and policymakers
  • Security consultants and analysts
  • Research and development professionals

Course Outline:

Introduction to Weapons Development and Acquisition

  • Weapons development lifecycle
  • Roles and responsibilities in acquisition
  • Regulatory and legal frameworks
  • Funding and budgeting
  • Ethical considerations
  • Case studies in weapons development

Requirements and Specifications

  • Defining operational requirements
  • Establishing performance criteria
  • Developing technical specifications
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Cost estimation
  • Requirements traceability

Procurement and Contracts

  • Procurement process and methods
  • Contract types and negotiations
  • Vendor selection and evaluation
  • Contract management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Intellectual property considerations

Testing and Evaluation Principles

  • Types of testing (e.g., developmental, operational, live-fire)
  • Test planning and documentation
  • Safety protocols and risk analysis
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) testing
  • Test facilities and instrumentation

Test Execution and Analysis

  • Test execution best practices
  • Test data interpretation
  • Failure analysis and corrective actions
  • Test reporting and documentation
  • Test evaluation criteria
  • Test case studies and lessons learned

Weapons System Deployment and Sustainment

  • Deployment strategies
  • Lifecycle sustainment and maintenance
  • Technology refresh and upgrades
  • Field support and logistics
  • End-of-life considerations
  • Case studies in weapons system deployment

This comprehensive Weapons Development, Acquisition, Test and Evaluation Training will provide participants with a strong foundation in the key aspects of the weapons industry, ensuring they can contribute effectively to the success of weapons programs, while adhering to ethical, legal, and safety standards.

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