Course NameLength
Activity-Based Intelligence Training Bootcamp | ABI Training Workshop4 days
C6ISR Training Workshop | Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber-defense, Combat systems2 days
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and intelligence Training | C4I Training (U)5 days
Electronic Signals Intelligence (ELINT) Training Bootcamp | ELINT Training Course2 days
Enterprise and System Architecture for Military Systems | Military Architectures5 days
Fundamentals of DoD Symbology2 days
Fundamentals of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)2 days
Fundamentals of Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)2 days
Fundamentals of IPOE (Int Input to 7 Q's)2 days
Fundamentals of Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Signals Certificate4 days
Fundamentals of Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT)2 days
Fundamentals of Real-time Simulation Training2 days
Fundamentals of Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE)2 days
Fundamentals of Targeting and CDEC (Collateral Damage Estimation Methodology)2 days
Fundamentals of TDL and DLP5 days
Intelligence Fundamentals for Analysts2 days
Introduction to Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)2 days
Introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)2 days
ISR Training - Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Training3 days
Machine Learning Training Bootcamp3 days
Multifunction Advanced Data Link Training | MADL Training Course2 days
Sensor and Data Fusion Training Bootcamp3 days
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Training Bootcamp | SIGINT Training Course3 days
Space ISR Training Workshop | Space Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Training2 days
Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Training | Tactical ISR Training2 days

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, C4ISR Training

C4ISR Military Systems Engineering Courses

Advanced C4ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) capabilities provide an advantage through situational awareness, knowledge of the adversary and environment, and shortening the time between sensing and response.

C4ISR is often thought of as the backbone of military operations because C4ISR encompasses the most important elements of gathering information to help identify the unknown.

Analysts contend that C4ISR enables warfighters to act upon information from command, control, communication all the way through the ISR. C4ISR allows warfighters to exploit and move forward at the same time.

C4ISR is a blending and end to end solution, which is a powerful tool for military personnel.

Consequently, C4ISR provides a decisive advantage to the war fighter. While the methodology of C4ISR has been around for four decades, the objective remains the same: Increasing situational awareness so decision makers have the best information possible to assess conflicts and take appropriate action.

C4ISR is basically a network of platforms, sensors, communications nodes, and decision aids which connects systems to operators. This networked web seamlessly operates across domains, fuses data, adapts and evolves with the mission, while ensuring high speed, decision quality data to the operator at the tactical edge.

Clearly, C4ISR plays a key role in the military defense and operational stability of governments, businesses, and societies worldwide today, and indications are that it will only become more important moving forward, given its growing role in how decisions are made, threats are addressed, and agreements are enforced.

It’s also a fact that the world’s nations are in a race for C4ISR superiority – a significant national advantage – and the ability to lead through innovation could determine who wins.

Space-based C4ISR capabilities have also become important for global armed forces, as they offer a technological edge over adversaries.

C4ISR systems using space platforms include multiple satellite subsystems, which form the backbone of various communication systems. Space platforms support communications and data transmission for commercial and defense applications in different regions of the world.

The use of satellites in defense and commercial applications is increasing and has impacted multiple industries. Once satellites are launched into orbit, it is vital for operators to keep track and monitor them for operational efficiency.

To maintain the health of the satellite, C4ISR systems help operators by providing uninterrupted status updates for each satellite’s Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding (TT&C) operations.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, C4ISR Training Courses

Tonex offers seven different Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance training courses, including:

Activity-Based Intelligence Training Bootcamp, a 4-day course where participants learn about Activity-Based Intelligence solution and gain the expertise that is changing how the Intelligence Community planning, reviewing, processing and analyzing critical intelligence data in real time from sources such as ground, airborne, ocean, space-based electro-optical, infrared, hyper-spectral sensors and others.

Machine Learning Training Bootcamp, a 3-day technical training course that covers the fundamentals of machine learning, a form and application of artificial intelligence (AI).

Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Training, a 2-day course covering tactical Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance requirements, strategies, technologies, systems engineering, System of Systems Engineering development, design, implementations applied to modern ISR systems used for tactical applications and modern threat environment.

ISR Training — Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Training, a 3-day course that covers concepts and architecture of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

Fundamentals of Low Probability of Intercept (LPI) Signals Certificate, a 4-day course designed for the working professional who is actively engaged in the waveform capture and analysis domain (Subject Matter Expert), as well as the junior engineer who wishes to become more familiar with the basic understanding of LPI principals.

Now, more than ever, C4ISR training is essential to stay ahead of the technological curve. Adversaries are highly adaptive and threat environments are becoming increasingly complex. Tonex courses introduce participants to Fifth Generation C4ISR, and how as a joint battle management system, it can gather data, understand it and communicate freely with all of its components.

Why Choose Tonex?

Tonex has been there from the beginning with technical and tactical training courses and consulting services related to C4ISR. Tonex provides technical and tactical programs as the foundation for every mission. Our specialty is simplifying the complex and turning data into knowledge – and knowledge into action.

We’ve trained over 10,000 people and helped to develop end-to-end complex C4ISR solutions, as well as our ability to operate them. That’s why we’re a leader in end-to-end C4ISR training, consulting and engineering solutions.

The Tonex team of world class instructors has experience working across a broad range of C4ISR core competencies, such as tactical communications and information collection, big data acquisition & correlation, ground system support & development, capabilities-based ISR and much more.

Tonex instructors bring individuals and organizations up to date on the latest modalities in the C4ISR arena. This includes cybersecurity modernizations, technology insertions and the issue of storing vast amounts of data securely in what has become known as combat cloud.

Need a course tailored to your organization’s special needs? We can do that.

Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your C4ISR system requirements in a cost-effective manner.

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, C4ISR Training