Length: 2 Days
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Trusted AI and Autonomy Short Course by Tonex


Trusted AI and Autonomy Short Course is a 2-day introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it relates to Autonomy, the engineering discipline that expands robots’ abilities to perform tasks while limiting the need for human interaction.

This course is especially beneficial for individuals who want to see the “big picture” in order to communicate with technical as well as non-technical individuals.

Trusted AI and Autonomy Short Course covers the most important aspects of AI and Autonomy without getting too involved in the technical nitty gritty.

Participants will learn how AI-enabled Autonomy operates independent of direct human intervention to achieve a goal or solve a problem.

Additionally, participants will learn about the benefits of AI and Autonomy and specific applications that lend themselves to AI and Autonomy technology now and in the future.

This cutting edge technology is important because an AI system processes a large amount of data in a short time, finding the best solution available at that time for the task at hand for the autonomous system or human-machine team. It can also perceive, assess, and make sense of new situations given very little data – also known as “sparse data” – which shortens decision-making timelines.

This ability to interpret information and make good decisions quickly in new situations is useful for any autonomous technology, whether it is used in civilian, industrial, or military environments. However, the challenges and potential consequences of those abilities are vital when in use by defense and intelligence agencies.

An autonomous military system (AMS), for example, not only will often need to perform complex tasks in disrupted, chaotic, or unanticipated environments, but may do so while being attacked by adversaries.


Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend?

Trusted AI and Autonomy Short Course is a 2-day course designed for:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • IT Leadership
  • IT Infrastructure Managers
  • CIOs / CTOs /CSOs
  • Configuration Managers
  • Developers and Application Team Members and Leads
  • IT Project & Program Managers
  • Product Owners and Managers
  • Military Personnel and Leaders
  • Military Contractors
  • Anybody Interested in the Potential of AI and Autonomy Technology


Introduction to Trusted AI and Autonomy

  • Defining AI and autonomy
  • Importance of trust in AI systems
  • Ethical considerations and challenges

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

  • Overview of machine learning and deep learning
  • Algorithms and models for AI
  • Data acquisition and preprocessing

Trustworthy AI Principles

  • Transparency and explainability
  • Fairness and bias mitigation
  • Robustness and reliability
  • Privacy and security

Evaluation and Verification of AI Systems

  • Testing methodologies for AI models
  • Evaluation metrics for trustworthiness
  • Verification techniques and tools
  • Benchmarking and standards

Explainable AI (XAI)

  • Need for explainability in AI systems
  • Techniques for model interpretability
  • Visualizations and feature importance
  • Rule-based and symbolic approaches

Fairness, Bias, and Diversity

  • Understanding biases in data and algorithms
  • Measuring and mitigating bias in AI systems
  • Ensuring diversity and inclusivity
  • Ethical considerations in decision-making

Robustness and Resilience

  • Adversarial attacks and defenses
  • Secure and resilient AI architectures
  • Error handling and fault tolerance
  • System robustness in real-world scenarios

Privacy and Security in AI

  • Privacy-preserving techniques in data handling
  • Secure multi-party computation
  • Federated learning and differential privacy
  • Threat modeling and security practices

Human-AI Interaction

  • Designing intuitive and user-centric AI interfaces
  • Collaborative decision-making with AI
  • Trust building and user acceptance
  • User experience and feedback mechanisms

Regulatory and Ethical Considerations

  • Legal and policy frameworks for AI
  • Responsible AI practices and guidelines
  • Impact of AI on society and workforce
  • Future trends and emerging challenges


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