Course NameLength
Agricultural Systems Engineering and Technology Training2 days
Smart City Training Bootcamp2 days

Smart City Engineering Training

Our society has become techno-driven like never before in history. This obviously opens up even more opportunities for systems engineers. And, nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology-centered architecture of the smart city.

The concept of a smart city is focused on cities leading with technological innovation.

The potential benefits of smart cities are many, including higher quality of life, more equitable opportunities for all; unparalleled social, environmental and economic growth; increased participation from smart citizens; massive consumption reductions in both energy and water; and enhanced interconnectivity, communication and response, including during natural and man-made calamities.

Engineers play a major role in smart city projects. They oversee everything from use of sensors to measure water parameters to monitoring and analyzing traffic flows that optimize streetlights to prevent roadways from becoming too congested based on time of day or rush-hour schedules.

With appropriate training, today’s engineers are positioned to lead the smart city movement. In fact, some would say it’s a perfect match. Engineers act as the lynch pin connection of applied technology and infrastructure, city planning and design. It is fair to say that the ingenuity of engineers will be essential for the delivery of smart cities as well as their survival.

Smart City Engineering Training

Tonex offers Smart City Training Bootcamp, a 4-day course that provides participants with insights on smart city road maps in cooperation with utilities and the private sector. Such use of data analytics allows participants to be more informed, perform more targeted decision-making, and find a way to sustainability and more quantifiable returns on investment.

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Smart City Engineering Training