Course NameLength
Certified SDN Engineer Certification | ONF OCSE Certification Preparation4 days
Fundamentals of Computer Networking Concepts and Protocols2 days
Fundamentals of Containerization2 days
IMS NFV Training | IMS Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Training2 days
Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes2 days
Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Training Bootcamp1 day
Network Functions Virtualization Training | NFV Training2 days
Network Transformation Training Bootcamp4 days
NFV and SDN Application Development Training for Service Providers4 days
NFV Application Development Training Bootcamp for Service Providers3 days
NFV Training for Non Engineers2 days
ONF Certified SDN Associate Certification | OCSA Certification2 days
OpenStack Training | Crash Course2 days
SDN OpenFlow Training, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Training2 days
SDN Training for Non-Engineers1 day
SDN, NFV and Cloud Computing Essential3 days

Network Transformation Technologies

Network Transformation Technologies training courses will address everything you need in order to plan, architect, design, develop, and implement network transformation technologies in your organization.

Learn about Network Transformation technologies and how it will  impact of new technologies on service providers, carriers and their networks. NFV and SDN will reshape the future addressing critical challenges in current service and network domains. Network transformation will   innovate  using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) and will shake up the status quo.

NFV and SDN concepts are becoming the core enabling technologies enabling network transformation and answering the future demands and ensuring the role of service providers in a cloud-centric world. Advance networking NFV and SDN will enable  a whole new level of values to the network transformation  impacting public telecommunications

As you might already know, the demand for new and innovative applications and services grow instantly. Your network is the universal enabler to link your users to these new applications and services. To handle the growing need for network services, you need new ways to do more, but a legacy network that is disjointed, inflexible, complex, expensive, and technology-centric slows you down. Studies demonstrate that operations and maintenance absorb 70% of technology budgets, leaving only 30 percent for strategic and innovation projects that can transform the business. It is understandable that the network is crucial to your business and that any disturbance can be costly. However, maintaining the current state can increase the gap between what business users want and what IT provides. Plus, to provide the benefits of IT mega developments such as NFV, software-defined networking (SDN), cloud computing, mobility, and unified communications require a streamlined, safe, optimized, and available network. TONEX Network Transformation Technologies courses help you break the network innovation holdup without jeopardizing your network honesty. We can help you understand the full potential of your network by describing your network vision, constructing your business case, and creating the necessary structural blueprints.


An Integrated Transformation Process

We will help you build your future network vision, develop your roadmap according to your business, and provide a best practices-oriented network transformation architectural blueprint. We will teach you well- proven techniques and methods to let your exclusive transformation journey. Such includes:

  • How to clarify your network transformatio strategic vision
  • How to align your IT with your business strategy to meet NFV and SDN technologies and tools
  • The necessary steps and associated benefits in regards to your transformational roadmap
  • Your organization’s culture willingness and technology structure

Transformation Business Benefits

Learn how to prioritize your network projects by learning about Network Business Benefits. After determining the certain business advantages that a network transformation can allow, the service generates a phased transformation roadmap aligned to your business priorities, which help you:

  • Generate awareness about the importance of network capabilities and opportunities to business stakeholders
  • Connect networking scenarios to particular business opportunities
  • Assess business advantages and translate them into a bigger transformation picture
  • Determine the business drivers that can be affected by the initiative. Then, we divide the initiative into isolated networking operations and help you comprehend how they come together to bring about the execution of your organization’s vision.

Transformation Strategic Architecture

To construct a simpler, standards-oriented network structure, you need to learn about the Converged Network Infrastructure and Open Standards Networking.

When you’re ready to initiate a detailed design, we will teach you to provide a flexible, scalable, automated, cost-efficient, and practical network architectural blueprint that backs up your expressed vision. The blueprint will consider your particular business strategy, enabling techniques, usages, organization, and network service criteria. It also decreases redundancies by simplifying processes and determining overlaps inside functional components.

NFV and SDN Training Courses

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-defined Networking (SDN) help you to migrate from the conventional networking to a modern, flexible networking paradigm. NFV and SDN training courses will teach you how to react fast to a new service creation and requests, and how to enhance the productivity of overall service and network and end-to-end SLA, management and QoS.

We will cover the key features and components of NFV and SDN platforms, as well as the fundamental roles NFV and SDN play in service providers’ drive in regards to zero-touch operational models.

Added Value of NFV and SDN Training Courses

  • Virtualization as a Paradigm
  • Definition of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Definition of Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  • NFV application development
  • SDN applications
  • NFV and SDN requirements
  • Virtualization, cloud computing and its service models
  • NFV and SDN reference architecture, protocols, building blocks and open source tools and platforms
  • Network transformation with Virtualization of Compute, Network and Storage
  • Role of NFV and SDN integration
  • Impact of NFV and SDN in LTE/EPC, and IMS
  • EPC and IMS NFV
  • DevOps and network transformation with NFV and SDN
  • NFV and SDN configuration elements
  • NFV and SDN techniques
  • NFV management and organization (MANO)
  • NFV and SDN planning, operations, and maintenance
  • MANO operational blocks
  • SDN and NFV migration from conventional to modern approaches
  • SDN data distribution, control and management planes of the network
  • SDN switch and controller functions
  • SDN connectivity and network discovery
  • Open vSwitch and its role in the switches
  • SDN relationship with the Inter-Data Center
  • SDN service implementation
  • SDN configuration, southbound procedures and criteria on the API northbound
  • NFV and SDN Use Cases
  • NFV and SDN models
  • SDN OpenStack
  • Physical Network Functions (PNFs)
  • Differences and similarities between NFV and PNFs
  • Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI)
  • NFV and SDN disrupting technology and software improvements
  • NFV and SDN management lifecycle

Why Should You Choose TONEX?

  • Our instructors are masters in network transformation technology
  • They have a great training experience
  • Our network transformation technology category encompasses broad range of training courses to serve diverse needs
  • The courses are comprehensive
  • Each training course is combined of both lectures and practical exercises
  • You will get to experience what you learn via labs, group activities, case studies, real-world examples, and hands-on workshops

Network Transformation Technologies