Course NameLength
Urban Runoff and Stormwater Management2 days
Wastewater Treatment Systems Management Training3 days
Water Desalination and Purification Technology Training2 days

Water and Wastewater Treatment

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U.S. wastewater treatment plants process an estimated 34 billion gallons of wastewater every day. The purpose of wastewater treatment is to replace contaminated wastewater with water that is usable.

Wastewater can be thought of as used water. It includes substances such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals.

In homes, this includes water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.

Businesses and industries also contribute their share of used water that must be cleaned.

Wastewater also includes storm runoff. Contrary to popular opinion, the rain that runs down the street during a storm is not clean. Harmful substances that wash off roads, parking lots, and rooftops can do serious environmental damage to waterways like lakes and streams.

If wastewater is not properly treated, then the environment and human health can be negatively impacted.

Normally, the treatment process happens in a Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) also known as a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) or sewage treatment plant.

Here the pollutants in municipal wastewater are removed or broken down in a process that generally takes place over three stages: primary, secondary and tertiary.

Sometimes a fourth step in the wastewater treatment process is added – an advanced treatment known as quaternary water treatment. This is necessary due to the increasing use of pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and hormones that lead to ever increasing pollution loads in waters.

As the substances are present in surface waters in concentrations of µg/l to ng/l, they are referred to as trace substances or micropollutants.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers three cutting edge wastewater treatment courses that are designed to keep engineers, scientists, and managers up to date on the latest methods and approaches to regulating wastewater treatment processes:

Urban Runoff and Stormwater Management, a 2-day course that introduces participants to the basic principles of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Wastewater Treatment Systems Management Training, a 3-day class designed to introduce the methods and techniques used to treat both municipal and industrial wastewater.

Water Desalination and Purification Technology Training, a 2-day class that covers many aspects of water supply challenges facing the World, and areas of water desalination and purification technologies that may lead to technological solutions to these challenges.

Our courses allow participants to learn how water and wastewater treatment are closely related to the standards and expectations set for the quality.

Water and wastewater treatment courses cover processes that are designed to achieve improvements in the quality of the water and wastewater including:

  • Suspended solids
  • Biodegradable organics
  • Pathogenic bacteria and other disease causing organisms
  • Nutrients, including nitrates and phosphates

Learn in detail about current practices regarding the different levels of wastewater treatment: primary, secondary, tertiary and advanced.

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Tonex has been offering courses in technology and advanced business training for nearly 30 years. Our clients are individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses small and large. Many of our customers are ongoing.

Our success is due in large part to our world class instructors who are experts in their fields and also bring real world experience into the classrooms.

That, and Tonex courses are flexible. We realize that many organizations have special training needs — especially in the area of water and wastewater treatment. We are happy to tailor courses to better fit the objectives of our participants. Just let us know how we can help you.

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Water and Wastewater Treatment