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RF training courses are designed for people who work in the field of radio frequency communications as well as those who require a basic understanding of RF fundamentals. Tonex provides high-quality radio frequency training programs for government agencies, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our RF courses are specifically designed by experts in the field, and the material is continuously updated with the latest information and market trends.

Since 1993, our company has been providing radio frequency training programs, overview classes and specialty courses for businesses and government agencies in a variety of fields, including telecom, information technology and systems engineering. Each class is formatted in a similar manner, where we begin with an overview of the material, move on to the body of the RF training program and complete the course with a certificate. We offer both industry and Tonex certificates for employees to have on file.

What makes our RF training courses especially distinct is that they are flexible. We understand that each business is unique and therefore deserves an equally unique seminar that relates directly back to the field as well as the business at large. Throughout the RF courses, our instructors take the time to implement hands-on activities, real-world examples and interactive discussions that make the information easier to grasp.

At this time, we offer the below types of courses, but this is not a complete list. New radio frequency training courses are added frequently as the market climate changes. We strive to offer the most relevant, up-to-date training programs, and we meet our goal by focusing on new concepts and new technology.

• Telecom training
• Wireless training
• RF training
• IP networking training
• IT training
• Enterprise architecture training
• Systems engineering training
• Leadership and management training

To learn more about Tonex RF training courses and certificates, contact our company today. We deliver the highest quality seminars that are designed by specialists in the field, bringing today’s businesses the most current, relevant and accurate information possible.

RF training courses cover the fundamental RF concepts and advaned RF engineering principles. We show you how to plan, architect, design, develop, troubleshoot and maintain RF systems and applications. TONEX RF Training courses include: Basic and Advanced RF Training Courses, RF Engineering Training Bootcamp Course, Advanced RF Training Courses, and Antenna Engineering Training. Technicians and Engineers new to the field of RF and RF engineering, managers, or anyone else responsible for RF planning, RF Design, Deployment related to wireless, cellular and mobile networks, microwave, satellite communications, RADAR or other, will benefit from RF courses. TONEX RF courses can be customized to your needs and specifications.

Current RF Training Courses include: RF Training 101, Advanced RF Training, RF Engineering Training Bootcamp, antenna design, modulation, RF system design , RF performance and optimization, propagation and Microwave communications.