Course NameLength
Engineering Project Management2 days
Facilities Operations & Maintenance Essentials2 days
Financial Accounting for Non-Accountants2 days
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Workshop for Engineers and Managers2 days
Mergers and Acquisitions Training | Merger Acquisition Training4 days
Offshore Wind Farm Training2 days
Operations Management Training2 days
Operations Management Training Boot Camp4 days
Organizational Development Fundamentals Training3 days
Principles of Facilities Management2 days
Risk Management Training Course2 days
Strategic Planning and Management Training3 days

Operations Management Training

Operations management is the business function responsible for managing the process of creation of goods and services. It involves planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling all the resources needed to produce a company’s goods and services.

Operations management is the central core function of every company. It also involves managing people, equipment, technology and information. This is true regardless of the size of the company, the industry it is in, whether it is manufacturing or service, or is for-profit or not-for-profit.

This transformation role of operations management makes it directly responsible for many decisions and activities that give rise to product design and delivery problems. This is why operations management is the function companies turn to in order to improve performance and the financial bottom line.

Simply put, operations managers are invaluable to an organization. And the people working in operations are capable of much greater output than they would be working alone because organizations have developed sophisticated facilities and equipment that greatly increase worker productivity.

Decisions are considerable on a day in and day out basis, and might include matters such as:

  • What products to produce
  • How large a facility to build
  • Where to locate the facility with respect to customers and suppliers
  • What techniques and equipment to use to make the goods or to provide the services
  • How many units to produce next month
  • How employees should be trained
  • What methods to use to enhance product quality.

Operations managers apply ideas and technologies to increase productivity and reduce costs, improve flexibility to meet rapidly changing customer needs, shorten delivery time, enhance product quality and improve customer service.

Operations Management Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers eight different Operations Management training courses designed to help people in the field of operations management to establish the skills needed in areas such as Inventory Management, Operations Planning, Operational Innovation, Manufacturing Management, Performance Management, Distribution and Logistics, Managing Operations and Production and Distribution Management.

Our courses:

Engineering Project Management: A 2-day course that provides principles and practices of modern project management related to engineering projects.

Mergers and Acquisitions Training: A 4-day course designed to help executives, technology, business and operations professionals get ready for the challenge of M&A work.

Offshore Wind Farm Training: A 2-day course that helps participants understand the technological developments of offshore wind farms, different types of wind turbines implemented for offshore projects, control of offshore wind farms, protection and reliability assessment of offshore wind technologies.

Operations Management Training: A 2-day course that covers principles of Operations Management designed for organizations looking for a more efficient and effective approach to operations management.

Operations Management Training Boot Camp: A 4-day course that covers the key topics in the field of operations, both the services and manufacturing sectors.

Organizational Development Fundamentals Training: A 3-day course that covers various angles of organization development including the theories, basis, models, tools, and process of developing an organization.

Risk Management Training: A 2-day course that covers framework, methods, and practice risk management across industries through real case studies.

Strategic Planning and Management Training: A 3-day course that teaches participants a combination of techniques and new visions and philosophies from various ranges of existing strategic thinking.

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Our instructors are experienced in both academia and industry and seamlessly blend lectures and hands-on activities that include practical exercises, individual/group activities, and hands-on workshops.

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