Course NameLength
Advanced Link 16 Training3 days
Communications Intelligence Analysis Training, © 2020 Tonex, Inc; All Rights Reserved2 Weeks
Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol Training | JREAP Training Bootcamp4 days
Link 16 Advanced Training | Network Enabled Weapons Bootcamp4 days
Link 16 and MIDS Training Bootcamp4 days
Link 16 Cybersecurity Crash Course4 days
Link 16 Systems Engineering Training Course3 days
Link 16 Training for Managers2 days
Link 16 Training | Courses | Tactical Data Link Training3 days
Multifunction Advanced Data Link Training | MADL Training Course2 days
Tactical Data Link Training Crash Course | TDL Training Bootcamp4 days
Tactical Data Links (TDL) Testing Training Bootcamp4 days
Variable Message Format (VMF) Training Bootcamp4 days

Link 16 Systems Engineering and Operation Training

While somewhat complex, the Link 16 Tactical Data Link (TDL) has an amazing capacity for real-time transfer of combat data, voice communications, imagery and relative navigational information between dispersed battle elements using encryption and frequency hopping to maintain secure communications.

This intricate communication system is critical for interoperability of NATO and coalition forces operating within a single battlespace. It is also used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army for air and sea operations, as well as air and missile defense.

Tactical Data Links (TDL) offer important communications routes between forces to help interoperability. The application of thorough, established standards certifies that tactical information is informed securely and sustainably to all force components and thus is a crucial enabler to Battlespace Management (BM) and Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) in operations.

Link 16 Systems Engineering training programs and seminars cover complex Link 16 systems engineering training and educational programs covering military and/or commercial tactical data link standards and protocols as applied to DoD voice and data communications.

Link 16 systems include collection of different data, elements, parts, people, hardware, software, facilities, policies, models and documents.

Link 16 Systems Engineering training programs includes Link 16 Concept of Operation, requirements, design alternatives, performance, verification, validation, and operation.

Learn about:

  • Systems Engineering Process applied to Link 16
  • The Requirement for Link 16 as a Tactical Data Link (TDL)
  • Link 16 Architecture
  • Link 16 Operation
  • Link 16 Networks Structures
  • Link 16 Network Design and Engineering
  • Nets and Networks
  • Network Participation Groups (NPGs)
  • Concepts behind Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • Time Slots and Time Slot Allocation
  • Link 16 Network Time Slot Structure
  • Link 16 Frequencies & Waveform
  • Message Packing
  • Message Structure & Numbering
  • Access Modes
  • Link 16 Signal Processing
  • Encryption and Secure Data Unit
  • Communications Modes
  • Modulation and Cyclic Code Shift Keying (CCSK)
  • Types of Relay in Link 16
  • Link 16 Hardware Design
  • Class 1 Terminals and Class 2 Terminals
  • MIDS Low Volume Terminal (LVT)
  • Fighter Data Link (FDL)
  • Joint Tactical Radio System
  • Relative Navigation (RelNav)
  • Link 16 Synchronization
  • External Time Reference Network (ETRN)
  • System Time Reference Network (STRN)
  • Link 16 Operation
  • Joining a Network
  • Active and Passive Synchronization
  • The 11 Stages of Producing a Network
  • Time Slot Map Creation
  • Demonstration of Link 16 Network
  • Link 16 Network Management
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Link 16 Verification and Validation
  • Link 16 System Integration and Interoperability
  • Multi-Link Operations