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Water Network Systems Operations and Maintenance Training4 days

Smart Water Networks Training

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Hundreds of utilities in both the U.S. and Canada now deploy a Smart Water Network (SWN); many more are expected to start one.

A Smart Water Network is an integrated set of products, solutions and systems that enable utilities to remotely and continuously monitor and diagnose problems, prioritize and manage maintenance issues and use data to optimize all aspects of the water distribution network.

In general, a Smart Water Network offers the promise of better operations through knowledge and tighter control of the network’s extensive and complex assets. Think of an SWN as a layered data ecosystem. It starts with the physical layer then sensors, remote control, and enterprise data sources and concludes with data collection and communications, data management and display, and up to data fusion and analysis.

The push for Smart Water Networks has arisen due to the growing scarcity of clean drinking water, an aging water utility infrastructure and increasingly stringent regulations.

The smart watering meter is an important element in the SWN. Like smart meters for electricity, smart watering meters deploy a two-way system that allows consumers to better monitor water use, and helps businesses to not only keep track of how much energy they’re using, but to collect data to make in-depth analyses of usage.

Besides helping to conserve water for future generations, a SWN also benefits a utility’s bottom line.

It has been estimated that implementing a Smart Water Network (SWN) could save water utilities and their customers around $15 billion per year.

Smart Water Networks Training Course by Tonex

Tonex offers Water Network Systems Operations and Maintenance Training, a 4-day course that provides practical skills and knowledge and safe practices and procedures in operating and maintaining water distribution systems and networks.

This is a valuable course for engineers, personnel, management and just about anyone connected to water utilities.  Consumers, consumer groups and environmentalists will also find this course worthwhile.

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Smart Water Networks Training