Course NameLength
Certified SDN Engineer Certification | ONF OCSE Certification Preparation4 days
ONF Certified SDN Associate Certification | OCSA Certification2 days
SDN OpenFlow Training, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Training2 days
SDN Training for Non-Engineers1 day
SDN Training | Software Defined Networking3 days

SDN Training Courses

SDN training courses are designed by TONEX to master you in the field of software defined networking. The best option for both engineers and non-engineers who want to learn SDN comprehensively in a limited amount of time would be our SDN and OpenFLow bootcamp where through intensive trainings, you can build up your knowledge and skills in this area.


SDN training programs will cover the notions, rational, and principals of software defined networking and OpenFlow, the developing patterns of modern computer networking, and the applications of SDN in logically centralized software systems to manage the response of the network.

Moreover, SDN trainings will teach you about Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), which is considered as a IT virtualization guideline to combine multiple network equipment to provide high performance, high volume servers, multiple switches and storage for data centers, network nodes, and user premises.


At TONEX, we deliver training programs in a fun, active format. Our programs are combined of both lectures and practical activities. In fact, you will get to experience what you learn from lectures in real-life projects before you go back to your work. Our instructors will make sure that all the participants have fully digested and comprehended the learning material while they are confident to apply them in practice. Such certainty will be accomplished through several labs, group activities, and hands-on workshops where you will practically exercise real-world software defined network projects. The trainings focus on teaching you the following materials, although depending on the program you choose the focus might change:

  • The history, concepts, motivation, benefits and applications of SDN and OpenFlow
  • How network virtualization, transformation, SDN and OpenFlow have evolved and modified over years
  • How SDN and NFV are related
  • Fundamentals of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • SDN architecture
  • SDN control
  • SDN control plane and data plane
  • Network virtualization
  • SDN programming
  • SDN systems engineering
  • SDN integration, verification and debugging
  • SDN implementation
  • Principals of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS


SDN training courses target network engineers, network operators, software engineers, systems engineers, and managers. TONEX intends to offer several training programs to answer the needs of a diverse group of audiences. Brows the list of our programs to find what can serve you best, or allow us to find what fits your needs. TONEX is also flexible to tailor the course agenda based on the needs of your organization, if that’s what suits your needs.

SDN Training