Course NameLength
1xEV-DO Training2 days
CDMA Network Planning2 days
CDMA Training2 days
CDMA2000 (1xEV-DO) Security Training2 days

Transition to NextG Wireless Technology

Tonex offers comprehensive CDMA training courses covering IS-95, 1x, and 1xEv-DO technologies. Our expert-led programs delve into the core concepts and advanced applications of Code Division Multiple Access, equipping participants with in-depth knowledge to excel in the wireless communication industry.

Who Should Attend: Professionals in the telecommunications sector, including engineers, technicians, network designers, and managers seeking to enhance their understanding of CDMA, IS-95, 1x, and 1xEv-DO technologies. This course caters to both beginners and experienced individuals looking to stay updated in this dynamic field.

Key Topics to Learn:

  • CDMA Fundamentals
  • IS-95 Network Architecture
  • 1x and 1xEv-DO Evolution
  • CDMA Channelization and Spreading
  • Forward and Reverse Link Channels
  • CDMA Air Interface and Protocols
  • CDMA Network Planning and Optimization
  • Advanced CDMA Applications
  • Emerging Trends in CDMA Technology

Tonex’s CDMA courses offer a solid foundation and insights into these technologies, ensuring participants gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving wireless communication landscape.