Course NameLength
IPv6 Course - IPv6 Training Configuration, Operation and Maintenance3 days
IPv6 Desktop Support | IPv6 Training for Windows, OSX and Linux4 days
IPv6 Education | IP Version 6 Training Crash Course3 days
IPv6 for Managers1 day
IPv6 Implementation Training | IPv6 Training Boot Camp | Crash Course4 days
IPv6 Programming Training | Write and Implement IPv6-capable Applications3 days
IPv6 Security | IPv6 Security Training Course2 days
IPv6 Systems Engineering - Training Crash Course Style3 days

Although IPv4 still carries the majority of Internet traffic, IPv6 is the latest revision and is anticipated to carry more traffic in 2013. With so much to be learned about this communications protocol, IPv6 training courses are necessary for employees in the field. Not all training programs are the same, however, which is why today’s organizations should choose a training company that is well-versed in technology management.

Why Choose Tonex for Your IPv6 Training Workshops

Tonex is the top choice for high-quality training, and we have a diverse group of clients that include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small businesses. We have been delivering overview classes, specialty courses and training seminars for those in the telecommunications field since 1993. One can just imagine how much our courses have changed over the past 20 years, and we continue to stay on top of the trends in order to deliver accurate, relevant information during our IPv6 training programs.

For instance, our IPv6 certification training programs focus on the speed and efficiency of IPv6 technology and its ability to carry more information across the Internet. With so many new devices relying on an Internet connection, IPv6 has been heavily anticipated. Now is the best time to enroll in IPv6 training courses because this communications technology is still new and addresses the issues of IPv4 address exhaustion.

Bringing out the Best through Interactive Learning

Tonex IPv6 certification programs follow our exclusive agenda that includes a detailed overview, the body of the class and certifications upon successful completion of the course. During the body of our IPv6 certification training programs, our instructors implement real-world examples, storytelling techniques and other interactive activities to bring the material to life. It’s with this integrative approach that participants understand IPv6 in its entirety. We also have Tonex and Industry Certifications for employees.

Don’t pass up your chance to get the training your employees need to fully understand the roles and risks of IPv6. Browse our catalog of workshops and let a Tonex representative get you started with IPv6 training courses that meet the unique needs of your organization.

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If you want to start learning about the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the IPv6 Training Fundamentals class will provide an introduction to the protocol and covers the basic structure of the new protocol headers. Learn about the primary drivers for IPv6 and the impending industry transition to IPv6.

Advanced concepts of IPv6 such as addressing structure and allocation, routing, DNS, DHCP, security, QoS, application migration and porting are covered in the IPv6 Training Bootcaamp- Crash Course. if you are interested in IPv6 security and vulnerabilities, IPv6 Security Training will teach the attendees about solutions and mitigation techniques. Learn about the current IPv6 security issues and the current best practices for securing an IPv6 network.