Course NameLength
Cyber Threat Simulation Training3 days
Electro-Optical and Infrared EO/IR Systems Modeling and Simulation2 days
Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation Training4 days
Fundamentals of Digital Twins2 days
Fundamentals of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in Test and Evaluation (T&E)3 days
Fundamentals of Modeling and Simulation for Non-Engineers2 days
Fundamentals of Modeling and Simulation Training Workshop | M&S Training2 days
Integrated Performance Modeling and Simulation Training3 days
Modeling and Simulation of Modern Antennas2 days
Modeling and Simulation RF Systems Training3 days
Monte Carlo Simulation Training2 days
Optimization, Modeling, and Simulation Training2 days
Patent Engineering With SysML | Hands-on Workshop3 days
Test and Evaluation with Modeling and Simulation Workshop2 days
Threat Simulation and Modeling Training2 days

Modeling and Simulation Training


Modeling and simulation (M&S) are powerful tools that can be used to improve business processes.

There are many different types of models, and they can be used to represent a wide variety of systems. However, all models share some common characteristics. They all simplify the real world, and they all use some form of abstraction.

Simulation engines are used to run simulations. A simulation engine is a software program that takes a model as input and generates output that represents the behavior of the system being modeled.

Modeling and simulation can help organizations to visualize and understand the impact of changes before they are implemented, which can help to reduce risk and improve outcomes.

By incorporating modeling and simulation into their approach, businesses can ensure more robust, efficient, and adaptable processes, positioning themselves for success in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Additionally, M&S can be used to identify root causes of problems. It can also be used to evaluate the impact of potential solutions. This information can then be used to develop and implement improvements.

Modeling and simulation can be very useful in the design and creation process. The objective is to evaluate complex systems by replicating a real or proposed system using computer software when changes to the actual system are difficult to implement, involve high costs, or  are impractical.

Weather forecasting, flight simulators, and car crash modeling rely on computer modeling and simulation applications.

Key benefits of modeling and simulation include:

  • Gain greater understanding of a process
  • Identify problem areas or bottlenecks in processes
  • Evaluate effect of systems or process changes such as demand, resources, supply, and constraints
  • Identify actions needed upstream or downstream relative to a given operation, organization, or activity to either improve or mitigate processes or events
  • Evaluate impact of changes in policy before implementation

Modeling and Simulation Training Courses by Tonex

Tonex offers great modeling and simulation courses specifically created to meet the need for mission-critical applications and systems engineering and prepare participants for the critical modeling and simulation of components, subsystems, systems, system of systems (SoS), and capabilities.

Our courses range from Fundamentals of Modeling and Simulation Training Workshop to Monte Carlo Simulation Training.

Reflecting today’s call for enhanced security (and cybersecurity) practices, several of our courses involve the use of M&S to improve security operations. The 2-day Threat Simulation and Modeling Training course for example teaches participants the various types of threat modeling techniques and helps apply threat modeling as an advanced preventive form of security.

The Tonex Electronic Warfare Threat Modeling and Simulation Training course provides modeling and simulation of classic and new threat environment applied to Electronic Warfare (EW) foundation. This course is designed for military professionals, analysts, engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, electronic warfare technical professionals and anyone involved in planning, analysis, modeling and simulation of Electronic Warfare Threat in the new environment.

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Modeling and Simulation Training