Course NameLength
Certificate in Engineering Leadership3 days
Climate Change Management Certificate5 days
Digital Forensics Certificate5 days
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Certificate5 days
Emergency and Disaster Management Certificate5 days
Environmental Management Certificate5 days

Professional Certificates by Tonex

Professional Certificates by Tonex


Earning a Tonex professional certificate opens doors. Our certificates allow you to enhance your career options by networking with peers and establishing valuable industry contacts. In other words, our professional certificate programs are created for people who want to take their careers upward by becoming experts in their respective fields.

Participating in our professional certificate programs will transform your competitiveness in the job market and elevate your skill set, making your abilities more relevant to potential employers.


For over 30 years, Tonex has helped advanced many organizations with our training courses, seminars and expert instructors. Tonex has over 20 professional certificate programs in critical subject areas such as systems engineering, RF, mobile communications, 5G, antennas, cybersecurity, aerospace and defense technologies, C4ISR, radar, EW, satellite communications, reliability engineering, root cause analysis, system and software safety and many more.

Our contemporary, cutting edge content is delivered in an interactive, practical format by the world’s best instructors. Tonex instructors are not only experts in their areas of expertise, they bring invaluable real world experience into the classroom.

It is hard to find this level of extended technical training.

Take a moment and read our course descriptions and discover what a professional certificate can do for you.